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NVGR - Please help my monkey get printed!

Hi guys, it's been a long while.... I've offered nothing and am now again asking for your assistance. I made this little doodle... ... and now its up on Threadless for voting. Only two days left! Purple Monkey Dishwasher Simpsons fan or not, I hope you can help a fellow Dtoider out. I promise to have some sort of awesome contest afterwards. I swear.


Bowser is dead...

... because I chopped his head off... and dug out the juicy innards to wear it as a war helmet. It's actually intended for a themed dancing competition my friend is involved in. He's in charge of production and Bowser ...


Just finished GTA...

Well like the titles says. Slept only 10 hours total since it midnight launch. Overall it was really good, but near the end of the story it kind of lost its hook. The ending didn't feel satisfying enough. I wish there was more to the end. Man, that felt great finishing the story though. It was worth it.


Mission Complete

A while back I posted a thread in the forum asking you guys what I should put in me painting. Well, it's finally done. Here's some background info on it. Near the end of April, my art class was given its final assignm...


About Maxpowerone of us since 6:36 AM on 11.10.2006

Hello there. Niero lured me with a promise of a free Wii (more of a forum contest) back in '06, and I've been here ever since. Although I come here almost everyday, I never posted/commented/blogged much. Just constantly lurking and whatnot. However, this year I would like change that, and be more involved again. Unless Destructoid ceases to exist, I don't think I'll ever be leaving.

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