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Glen Angus, conceptual artist for Raven Software who's work has appeared in such titles as X-Men Legends, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, has unexpectedly passed away.

A few months before his passing, his son, Teddy, was diagnosed with severe autism. For those of you who have never had to deal with autism in your family, the treatments for such a disorder are extremely expensive. So expensive, in fact, that most families simply can not afford it. The image you see below is a rendering done by Angus was done in honor of his son

"I sincerely hope you like this image and find it stirring enough to help me out. I know a lot of you, and have tried to help inspire many of you in the past. I do not intend to presume you owe me anything for that- I simply implore that you take a couple minutes out of your day, vote on this piece to get it more views, tell your friends to visit and follow the link that I have provided below to politely voice your opinion in asking the government to lower the time it takes to get children like my son help.

Also to show your support for an upcoming mandate that will push insurance companies to cover children with autism's therapy, for which they currently do nothing.

It doesn't have to be much- a sentence or two and a copy to this link. You do not have to be from Wisconsin or even this country to show your support."

If you have a family member who has autism, you surely know how difficult it can be. All he asks for is a few minutes of our time to write to Wisconsin's governor, that is all. No money. No praise. Just for us to ask someone who is in a position of power to do what is right.

Angus' moving plea
The Link to Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle
Glen Angus Reven Software page
1UP Article
Xbox 360 Rally article
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