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MaximusPaynicus avatar 3:22 AM on 06.27.2008  (server time)
Am I The Only One...

...who finds all this image dissecting being done by Diablo III fans to be a little depressing? Case in point: Blizzard just launched their fifth splash screen, and this time it shows the eyes, as well as what looks like the top of a helmet or crown or whatever the hell you wanna call it. Observe:

Now I'm glad we're all in agreement with our desire to see a new Diablo, but I read some of the theories that are being thrown about, and I just get... sad. Case in point: One of the Diablo fansites (I'm not saying which one) concludes that it must be a sign of Diablo III's impending announcement because the new image is called "harbinger", and Diablo was once labeled as "The harbinger of our return" in a cinematic in Diablo Deuce. serious?

Another wonderful little theory I've heard on a few message boards is that "the runes form a pentagram, man!" Sure. A half-assed, crooked pentagram, but you technically would have a pentagram.

But what really just drove me up the wall -- what drove me to just shake my head and wish that half of these people -- just half -- went into crime scene investigation... was this argument that wound up going for NINE PAGES on one message board:

...fucking sigh.

Now, I think it's a foregone conclusion that we're going to see Diablo 3. But you know... while I, as a livelong gamer, would love to see D3 (not the Mighty Ducks), there is that little part of me that looks at the obsession over a new Diablo and I can't help but kind of hope it's not Diablo 3 they're announcing this weekend.

I do have one question for everybody, though: What the hell does a purple penguin have to do with any of this?!

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