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MaxVest says:

Summa Departs From EG / GGL

// Submitted @ 11:01 AM on 03.27.2008

So, if you hadn't heard [link], former Destructoid Editor-In-Chief Robert Summa was let go from his position at Epileptic Gaming [link] (owned by the Global Gaming League [GGL]).

Apparently it was part of a restructuring, and there were other casualties. I don't really have strong feelings about the issue, just figured I'd post the news here first to spare him a total hazing. I mean, the guy did just lose his job, and that sucks unconditionally.

Perhaps, but necessarily, career advice

Not being an avid fan of GGL or Epileptic Gaming, which I will charitably describe as the hardest-trying videogames show on the web, I do want to say that I hope he lands on his feet. If it weren't for Summa, I wouldn't have escaped the clutches of that other place to land in the warm embrace of Destructoid, and all you wonderful people. Well, actually I have A LIST of people here who suck, but I'll PM you separately if you're on THE LIST.

Why are all the images I'm finding affiliated with GayGamer?

PS3 out, man. We had some times. Good luck.

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