I'm Max Scoville, and I'm in charge of making videos for Destructoid.

Videos is when you have a camera, but instead of just doing one picture, it does a lot of them, and there's also noises.

Then, you put it in a computer, and it's like you're watching something happen in real life! Videos can show hundreds of different colors and some videos even have music.

I like to do videos!

The end.
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Hello my little internet.

I've been awfully busy lately, going on my wacky adventures. Since I last wrote in here, I went to Las Vegas and Phoenix to dick around with the new NASCAR game. Last weekend, I was in LA for the SpikeTV video game awards. I've also been very busy helping out with The Destructoid Show. Hopefully, you'll be seeing more of me on there sometime soon. You know, besides the occasional guest-hosting or eating cookies backstage.

I just moved into a new apartment, and I can finally settle down here (I've been couch-surfing and subletting for about two and a half years now) which means I get to unpack some of the awesome crap (Miami Vice action figures, KISS comic books, a friggin' sword, etc.) I've had in storage.

Among this awesome crap, I found several pages of doodles from art school and community college.

Without further ado, I give you...

On the back of that last page, there were some strange notes. The messy handwriting is mine. The other probably belongs to some girl I was trying to score with:

There you have it. Some mysterious treasures.

Hopefully, now that I'm a little more settled, I'll put more fun stuff in here, even if no one reads it. But they'll read it... Because as I previously mentioned:

Photo Photo Photo

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