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Max Huerta's blog

1:30 AM on 06.16.2010

E3 Hype Extravaganza!

This years press conferences gave me a mix of emotions. I own all 3 major consoles and watched each conference with anticipation on what to expect.
I'm looking for honest opinions from other members who also own all 3 systems on what you are looking forward too. Your feelings on all the new tech from the big 3 and the games the hype machine pushed out this year.
So anyway my thoughts.

Microsoft: Gears 3 has me hyped, love the co-op in gears, add 2 more buddies and im all in. Metal Gear Solid Rising looks cool, Fable and Halo look like buys to me. Not really all that interested on Kinect and half the show didn't convince me otherwise. Hardware is impressive but the games are weak, wtf I was expecting some killer app to convince me to throw down some $$$ didn't see it.
Overall: meh... the games where cool but kinda knew about them already no major surprise, kinda bummed out.

Nintendo: Wow they went all out this year! New Zelda right off the bat, cool trailer, great ideas like the art style. Too bad Miyamoto looked like an ass when the tech wasn't responding haha. GoldenEye, if this is done right it's gonna be 97 all over again. Donkey Kong Country! DKC 1+2 are two of my favorite SNES games, looks like they are bringing back that winning formula and I'm excited. 3DS looks cool too bad i'm not a handheld gamer But for those who are looks like your in for some excitement some big name 3rd parties are backing it up, and a new Kid Icarus lucky!
Overall: Wow! a lot of surprises. Tons of games revealed for the first time had everyone in the crowd including myself really excited. Great show.

Sony: They are pushing the 3D thing hard and that cool, I don't mind 3D glasses in the comfort of my home. Really looking forward to seeing some cool games come to life. Gran Turismo 5 finally a release date! and wow does it look amazing. Finally a new Twisted Metal, Killzone 3 looks cool and in 3D will be crazy. Portal 2 cant wait! Again same with Kinect im gonna pass on the Move. There is a reason I bought a Wii. I can flail around like a fool with my friends playing the more casual games. I don't want to buy Wii sports again.
Overall: Bravo Sony for not solely falling onto your motion control device. The 3D has me excited for the future of gaming. Cool games a few surprises, and an angry black kid for the PSP.

3rd Party: EA- Medal of Honor and Need For Speed, dope. The big one is Star Wars the Old Republic, wow what a trailer. Make me ant to buy a good PC just for that.
Ubisoft: Assassins Creed 2, co-op stabby fun. 1st day buy. Lazer Tag is a joke.   read

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