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Maurice Tan avatar 4:35 PM on 04.01.2010
Civilization V drastic race change announcements

Some new changes were announced for Civ V today:

- Automatic government change with double length revolt whenever all cities under your control have a Hospital.
- Cities receive -1 happiness and -2 culture per tile distance from an ocean.
- Double effects from Oil and Uranium deposits
- Declaring war under a Democracy Government does not lead to unhappiness when a City has a Church, Temple or Cathedral
- Marketplaces decrease Culture by 10%
- Automatic visual transport bridge from most north-western owned City from Capital City to Russian Capital City
- PAX Wonder, requires 5 Cities with a Game Studio, creates +1 happiness in every city worldwide

- Tanks in newly occupied cities with a Hospital lead to -1 population per turn
- Ability to build settlements in enemy territory without penalty
- Settlements within enemy territory gain +500% culture
- +100 gold per turn as long as Americans are in play
- Liberal media wonder: places a Cinema and TV station in every city on the continent, every city in the world from the Information Age onwards. If an enemy city does not already have a Cinema or TV station, cultural effects are -50%
- Double effects for Diamond and Gold deposits
- Random barbarians within enemy territory every 3 turns, every 2 turns during Information Age

- +100% damage against Israeli units
- Can only pillage Israeli cities, not occupy
- +50% production
- Can freely occupy any city of the Glorious Dutch Nation along a Sea Tile with the Tourist unit as long as a Road connection to an owned city exists
- Cinemas produce +100% Culture if any U-Boot exists
- After declaring war to a Nation, this Nation will never reach a Trust level above 5%
- Any Game Studio building will create +1 happiness and -10% culture, because their games look good but are pretty shitty.

- Units defending a city have a 50% chance of surrendering
- Cities on other continents get -1 happiness per 10 turns
- Railroads work at 90% speed
- -50% defense on Desert Tiles, -100% defense in cities on Desert Tiles
- Cathedral in Capital City gets a free entertainer/hunchback

- -50% Culture, no Culture effect on borders of the Glorious Dutch Nation
- Breweries create +3 happiness
- Cannot create any military units with an attack rating higher than 2

Glorious Dutch Nation
- Naval units do +100% damage against British naval units
- Banks create +50% Wealth
- Cannot build any land military units other than the Commando unit
- After Americans research Nuclear Fission, one American Missile Silo is placed in a random owned city

- +50% damage to French units
- +1 happiness in every City with a TV Station
- -80% Culture during Information Age because of chavs
- Every City on a different continent will revolt after 50 turns, -1 happiness in every owned City for every City that revolts in this way
- Eurogamer Expo Wonder: leads to 1 happiness in every city on the continent
- Always starts out on a small continent
- Cities on nearest continent or island will always have -33% happiness

Can't wait for Civ V! Maybe there are some things that Firaxis missed in the comments? Hmm...

Racist changes VIA JONATHAN ROSS

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