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3:08 PM on 02.27.2008

Audiosurf Demo Unlocked

For those who downloaded and played the demo version of Audiosurf, here's a bit of info.

After I downloaded it, I fired it up and was disappointed to see it not working. Firstly, some of the buttons were missing. After randomly clicking around a bit, I was able find the button that starts the level. Just to find that all the blocks were black.
As you can imagine, this is a problem. I tried different settings, restarting the game, editing the config files, etc. Nothing fixed it.
Finally on the forum I was able to find a bit of helpful info: Restart Steam.
After doing that the game was fixed, but when I tried to play a level, all my remaining demo songs were used up. This made me a bit upset so I developed a way to get past the demo counter.

To re-enable an expired demo, read further:

What you will need:

1. Downloaded and played Audiosurf at least once.
2. A Hexeditor. I prefer XVI32.
3. Locate the following file: $SteamFolder$\SteamApps\common\audiosurf\engine\Support\SavedConstants.cgr
4. Make a backup just in case.
5. Open the file with the hex editor.
6. Find the following address: $A398 (to make sure you have the right one (since some files might differ), it should have the text "FLVA" in front of it and a bit further up there should be a tag: "CHNA" containing a value of "NumNonRadioSongsExperienced". If the demo already expired, Address $A398 will have the hex value of 80 and the one after, $A399, 40.
7. Change both adresses to the Hex value of "FF".
8. Save.
9. Enjoy.

I was able to unlock some other characters by editing the file but they did not work correctly, so I won't include those here.   read

5:28 AM on 09.12.2007

Adventure Island the anime.

I was listening to Retroforce GO! And they reported on the VC release of Adventure Island. Of course the version I had on my “Golden China II” console (Chinese knockoff of NES) when I was a kid was called “Islander” (Apparently bootleg). But all the talk about the game brought back memories of a TV series based on the game starring master higgins.

I remember getting so much more enjoyment out of the game after watching the show.

Back in 1991 (I was like 10 years old), I remember enjoying a show called “Bikki in speelgoed land” or something like that.
This title might seem strange, unless you live in South Africa an get your anime dubbed into Afrikaans.
A search for this name on Google returned no results and I started digging deeper trying to find any TV show that might be based on Wonderboy, Adventure Island or Islander.
Initially Wikipedia was of no help and just listed the games and the platforms they came out on. Finally I found and obscure text file on an FAQ site that listed games made into TV shows and picked up the name Bugtte Honey.

After some more searching on this, the internets revealed a 51 episode show that ran from the 3rd of Oktober 1986 to the 25 of September 1987 and a movie which premiered on the 21 of July 1987.

A few English names turned up “Honey the bug” and the movie called "Honey the Bug: Mai the Megarom Girl" or "Honey the Bug Dance Megarom Girl 4622." and the japanese name “Bug[+tsu][te]Honey”.

The Japanese version of Wikipedia has a full listing of the episodes , original voice actors, time slots and a link to the official site.

I was hoping to find the episodes somewhere to bask in a bit of nostalgia, but alas the only place I can find it is on in VHS format. They probably won't even have stock, and my Japanese is not that good anyway.

Does anyone remember watching this show in English over there in the states?   read

9:10 AM on 06.12.2007

M$ is in ur Flickr looking at ur pics

This TED video from shows a new Microsoft acquired technology for viewing photos.

Remember the post on NextLust about Photosynth? This seems to be the backbone that Photosynth runs on.

Imagine hooking Google's Street View onto this.   read

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