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Matthew Razak avatar 5:36 PM on 07.10.2009  (server time)
Monday Review: Bruno

<p> Brüno brings the funny back After Borat came out, and was the funniest movie in years, the question was how long could the film's star, Sacha Baron Cohen, keep up his trademark comedy of tricking people into thinking he was someone completely different now that he was an international superstar of epic proportions. Even if he did find some people who didn't realize the joke would it still be funny? The answer to the former question, as his new movie Brüno shows, is that he can keep it up for at least one more film, and the answer to the latter question is yes, it's still hilarious. </p><p>Brüno is a character Cohen created for his sketch comedy much like Borat, but Brüno is a gay Austrian fashion reporter with, if it is possible, even less social graces than Borat. In the movie he loses his job as an Austrian reporter and must go to America to find his fame and fortune as a famous actor. Much like Borat the film's story is really just another excuse to run people through the ringer of outrageous interviews and pranks, but unlike Borat, which had a surprising amount of emotional depth to it, Brüno is played far more for surface laughs. Of course emotional depth is hard to get when you're dressed in shirts two sizes to small and booty shorts for a large part of the film. </p><p>Every movie should be judged on its own merits, but not comparing Brüno to Borat is impossible as there are so few films out there that do what they do this well or at all. That being said Brüno is not as good as Borat. It just isn't as fresh and unexpected as the first film, and the film's star is nowhere near as relatable as Borat. That being said the movie is still fall on the floor funny. A step down from almost dying of laughing is still not being able to breathe laughing. Brüno does some pretty hilarious stuff and if the pranks aren't quite as good as Borat's than some of Brüno's lines are better than anything Borat ever said. The final scene involving Brüno and another man stripping each other and making out in the ring at an MMA event is truly hilarious. That is until you think about the crowds reaction, and start getting depressed. </p><p>What Borat showed for race issues in America, Brüno does for sexuality, though not as well. Borat seemed to uncover some pretty nasty truths about American culture far more subtle, whereas Brüno seems just shove his sexual preference in people's faces it makes the film seem like Cohen is tryring too hard at parts to get a rise out of people.Of course he does; the aforementioned scene gets the crowd so angry that they start throwing things at them, including a metal chair. It's pretty depressing to think that people are that vehemently angry about two men kissing that they can't clearly see that it is obviously a joke. Do people actually think that gay men are so sexually active that they'd just start having sex in the middle of an MMA ring, or were they just angry at the actions in general? </p><p>Waxing philosophically about the film's underlying social commentary, the rest of the movie is just as hilarious with some scenes that are sure to be talked about for years to come including a mother who says her baby can lose ten pounds in one week for a photo shoot. Some of the scenes do beg the question of if they were staged or not, but after the first ten minutes or so you're laughing too hard to really care. </p><p>Clicks for beer money</p>

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