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Well I am a 25 year old who has the (un)fortunate Aspbergers disability, a form of Autism. Does it stop me from speaking? no... does it stop me from gaming? hell no.

If anyone wants to contact me on Twitter just send a follow request to Xelviar. I'll be checking this more than my facebook profile so if there's nothing important or it's plainly full of links, I will probably decline the request.

I currently own a PSPgo, a 360 S (250GB), a 3DS, a iPad 2 (64GB Wifi only) and a PS2. Rarely I will go on the GameCube and GBA since I have the complete Zelda collection (except Four Swords Adventures) on GameCube, as well as MGS: Twin Snakes.
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Matthew Williams
2:31 PM on 02.29.2012
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