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So Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming out next week and it's going to be awesome. It's also been said that the game will answer all the questions of Metal Gear, closing the saga of Solid Snake. Of course we'll get more MG games, but they may have a different protagonist and/or story arc.

I wanted to run down what questions I have, and what is known. Maybe we can discuss the plot and make our own theories.

1)Who is Ocelot really working for? Or is he just working for himself?

2)FoxDie is still presumed to be in Snake's system. Will it come into play in MGS4?

3)Are the Patriots really all dead?

4)Why is Raiden in a badass ninja suit, complete with high heels?

5)Is Vamp really supernatural or just another product of the Patriots?

6)How is Liquid taking over Ocelot and why?

First off, are the Patriots really dead? This is a tough one because they could be dead, and just live on in AI personas. It would explain why they want to control information and shape history. Or, they could have just made Snake and Otacon believe they were dead, just another form of them controlling information.

Also, who is/was apart of the Wisemen's Committee, the high council of the Patriots? At the end of Portable Ops, there's a conversation between Ocelot and an unknown person saying he wants to use the Legacy to form the Patriots in place of the Philosopher's under one condition....that Big Boss join them.

So I guess that answers who Ocelot is working for, or the Patriots status. But not completely.

Vamp is an an odd one because we have gotten really no information on him except that he's in MGS4. All we know is that he can survive a head shot wound and run on water.

And for the last two of what I question the most, will FoxDie kill Snake? Maybe. Naomi did tell him she didn't know how much time he had left, and in MGS2, it didn't seem to affect him. But in the trailer for MGS4, he's seen coughing and hacking. Could FoxDie be taking it's toll, or is it just his genes and accelerated aging?

As for Liquid's arm, we know that Ocelot is the child of The Sorrow and The Boss. The Sorrow was a medium, and his power is proven. This gift has possibly been passed to Ocelot, but it's not as prominent as it was for The Sorrow. Or maybe he has learned to control it, and Liquid and Ocelot have become a very powerful being.

Whatever the answers are, MGS4 is sure to blow us all away. I just can't wait to get the answers and discuss with the rest of you.

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