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Mattamus Prime avatar 9:53 PM on 06.16.2008  (server time)
Metal Gear Solid 4 Impressions(Massive Spoilers)

So, after two consecutive playthroughs of MGS4, (one for story, the other for a No-Alert game), I have to say that MGS4 is truly an impressive game. But more over, most of my feelings and thoughts through out my initial playthrough were because I have experienced 20 plus years of Metal Gear history. Yes, MGS4's gameplay is amazing, and I think it's the best playing Metal Gear game yet. But MGS4 is total fan service from start to end.

From Snake's opening monologue(expertly voice by David Hayter), to the Metal Gear Rex and Ray fight between you and Liquid, the game seems to be built with the Metal Gear fan in mind and I really appreciate that. The game references every game in the series. It even throws in a Metal Gear 1 reference in the form of Dr. Madnar(I really wish they went further with that one, but I can see why not.) Otacon jokes with disk swapping. You have to fight Crying Wolf in the same place you fought Sniper Wolf. When you encounter Screaming Mantis, her armor is a manifestation of Psycho Mantis, who tries his old tricks on you once again. The entire Beauty and the Beast unit is a reference itself to the FOXHOUND unit of MGS1, calling themselves the SNAKEHOUND unit.

The story is also superb. Even though it drew a few groans from me at some parts, (mostly with character returns of people thought dead) it wraps up everything, and puts a nice end to Snake's story. I'll go more into it later after I've had the time to process it and put it into context for a better understanding. I was gripped from beginning to end, and I wanted to know so badly I beat the game in one sitting.

One more thing. The Drebin Shop is an awesome feature, and the weapon selection in this game is a sight to behold. I loved customizing my M4 or my XM8 to my liking and always being able to purchase more ammo or newer weapons was a treat. It made me go out of my way to get more points, or not get caught for more DP at the end of an act.

MGS4 is an epic game for me. It's basically the culmination of 20 years of MG for me, and MGS is the reason I got into gaming hardcore, if you didn't tell from my Start of the Affair post. I know not everyone feels the same way about this series. A lot of people either hate it or just like to jump in and shoot shit, but Snake's story came first and the conversation at the end between Otacon and Snake made my fucking day to say the least.

I'll be back again to discuss the story in more detail. Just need to absorb what happened.

-Mattamus Prime out.

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