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Mattamus Prime avatar 6:52 PM on 05.28.2008  (server time)
Days like this keep my faith in the industry

I know its posted EVERYWHERE. but I have to express my absolute glee with the Beyond Good and Evil 2 Teaser. It's a miracle this IP is being given another go, and I hope this time, we all step it up and speak with our wallets to show Ubi that the first game was really a miracle of gameplay, and so under appreciated.

Mr. Concelmo, my head is exploding with yours:)

I remember when I was first introduced to BG&E. I went into a Gamestop (SHOCK!!), and the employee there kept raving to me about the game. I decided to cave in and buy it, (because I wanted something new and it was pretty cheap because no one was buying it), and took it home hoping this register jockey wasn't wrong, and have to be exposed to my undying rage. I was hooked from start up, and beat the game that day. The next day, I went back, and wanted to hug that employee.

Any similar experiences with your first time with Beyond Good and Evil?

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