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MattDoommaster's blog

4:41 PM on 08.09.2009

How Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Pissed Me the Hell Off

I had a craving for game. Er, well, a genre of game. You know the feeling. One day you're browsing through your collection and you think, you know what would be great? A new game of X genre. In my case, the genre was stealth....   read

10:04 PM on 07.29.2009

Three Reasons Why the Games Industry is Bombing

At this time last year the economy seemed to have jumped off a cliff. Everything was in free-fall. Jobs were vanishing, homes weren't selling, and cars weren't moving. It was chaos, and it all lead up to the most disappointin...   read

6:12 PM on 07.26.2009

Gaming and Community: Is Co-op the way forward?

If there is one thing which still baffles game designers, it is how to create a vibrant community. The inherit diversity of the players of any given game makes the creation of a long-lasting, useful community difficult. The h...   read

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