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MathewRD's blog

4:20 PM on 04.05.2012

Kickstarter: Why it could be a bad thing

Warning: This blog is full speculation. I am in no way saying Kickstarter does this or anything of the sort. Let's say, a Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 kickstarter project occurs. Someone wants to revive an amazing, yet dead, fr...   read

7:26 PM on 03.21.2012

Disappointments: Not a SMART move

I love TF2 with a passion, in fact, I've racked up over 430ish hours on it and occasionally turn it back on. So when people start hyping a game said to have team-based objectives, I get kind of excited. No other game to that ...   read

5:30 PM on 03.19.2012

Why Mass Effect 3 haters need to speak up (Spoiler Free)

I'm not trying to be a douche hating on Daniel's story or anything, in fact I agree with the points he made saying how it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The fact of the matter is that there's a lot of hatred on ...   read

3:59 PM on 03.18.2012

The Problem With Deus Ex Human Revolution

I recently got a 360 for the first time ever, and my friend's letting me borrow Deus Ex. I played it for a bit before on PC, but grew sick of how poorly my PC handled it, so I stopped. But now, I can play it a lot better, alt...   read

6:54 PM on 03.05.2012

Browser Games: Good ol' RS (Audio Blog)

I'm switching it up a bit and makng a full blog out of just audio, of me talkng. My laptop's keyboard is a bit messed up, and i figure this to be much easier anyway. I realize it's probably gonna disqualify me from being on the front page, but I don't think that that's what matters. I think these topic-specific blogs are meant just more for us to get our opinion out. Browser Games: Good ol' RS   read

5:05 PM on 03.04.2012

The World of DLC

Before I get started, I also made this into an audio blog here. They both basically say the same thing, although one is read by a 17-year old's weird voice. What is DLC? According to wikipedia, DLC is content made downloadab...   read

7:50 PM on 02.06.2012

Piracy: What Jim Sterling missed.

I've agreed with what Jim Sterling has been saying in his latest jimquisitions, albeit I cannot stand his personality. Yes people, I get it, his conceitedness is a running joke, but it gets tiresome. So I overlooked it and fo...   read

11:50 AM on 11.06.2011

Xenoblade Chronicles Review (Wii) [Spoiler free!]

I've been putting off giving this a chance. Why? I've been having a hard time finding RPGs I can get into since FFX and TWEWY. Risen, The Last Remnant are the two main ones that got close, but never really took the cake. So w...   read

2:18 PM on 10.28.2011

On Game Reviewing (Pt. 1: Why Jim Sterling is wrong)

All pictures were taken off of google because when I played BF3, it was on a 360 So let's pretend TF2 weren't free for a second, and that copies of it were still pretty cheap. I remember picking mine up about a year ago for ...   read

7:21 PM on 10.16.2011

Cheap Games that are Worth your time (PC)

I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying games, except if I'm buying a gaming computer. My steam account is worth about $700, while I've only ever spent $200 on it. I literally did the math, and saved about $500. A lot of it ...   read

9:43 AM on 10.10.2011

Rage Graphical Comparison (360 vs. Ps3 vs. PC)

Notice: The PC comparison was taken in full power (1900x1080, x8 MSAA, All textures set to Ultra) Here, we're taking a look at the graphics of Rage compared with the three main platforms for playing it. As you can see, all platforms have had screens of them from in game taken out. Which is the best? You decide.   read

2:16 PM on 09.24.2011

VVVVVV Custom Map: The Treasure

Hey there Dtoid. I've never really contributed much to the community, except for blogs and the occasional comment. But now, after a long time of waiting, I've made a VVVVVV map for you all to try out. I'm hoping a lot of peop...   read

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