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MathewRD avatar 2:12 PM on 01.31.2014  (server time)
Why F2P Rarely Work

This game has dicks that cost more than $40.

Loadout looked like a fun game. I had been watching it for a while, but never really got into the beta. With the official release on steam, I installed right away.

And boy was I disappointed with raw greed infesting another great potential.

Tribes Ascend could have succeeded a lot more than it did. Its eventual downfall was the lack of content updates, and when they happened, it was impossible to ever reach a new weapon or armor with just in game currency. If you got 100 cash per game, it'd take you 62 games to afford one gun, and those weren't even the highest priced [IIRC]. Blacklight Retribution still stands to me as the only game to get F2P right.

Loadout takes a different approach. They decided to have all of the guns/upgrades available with in game cash, and have cosmetic items sold for real money.

Here's the problem: You start with 0 credit for that, so there's no incentive to spend more and your stuck as a default character until you put money into the game.

Loadout had so much potential, but with there being no room for advancement without money, the appeal has already worn off.


Enjoy your default character.

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