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I love TF2 with a passion, in fact, I've racked up over 430ish hours on it and occasionally turn it back on. So when people start hyping a game said to have team-based objectives, I get kind of excited. No other game to that point had reached TF2's level of gameplay. Nothing really made you feel like a team and had the most balanced weapons imaginable. But what game was being hyped?

Oh, and it was nothing like I expected.

When I first got into a game, my eyes started watering. They cluttered my HUD with so many tiny little icons and do-hickeys that I couldn't see five feet in front of my face. They gave all of the different classes objectives to do, but the problem was, it was set to where every class had a different objective, but all it consisted of was going somewhere and holding the action button. You mind as well have everyone on the same objectives if it's that easy.

TF2 did well because: All characters were distinguishable, each class had it's own weapons, each class had a role, and they were balanced. Brink, had none of this. You can't see a character and think “Oh, that's a medic” or “Oh, that's a spy”. You just see him and think “Oh, well, I guess I gotta kill this enemy.” The problem with that is, no one knows who the priority target is. In TF2, if a heavy and medic team up, everyone gangs up on them because they're an obvious threat.

Another downside to Brink, again, is being similar through all of the classes. Each class has access to the same guns. wat. Again, by doing this, you make working as a team so much harder. That, and no class distinguishes. For example, the reason I've played TF2 so much, is because sometimes I feel like being a spy, while at times I feel like being a heavy. They all had their own play styles and in a way they all felt like their own game. But Brink offers none of that, making each character use the same everything while the only variation that exists is what you do in terms of an objective.

Brink tried to drum up excitement by showing off the SMART feature a lot, and it wasn't even that practical. There were times I needed to navigate, but I wasn't using it as much as the producers said it'd come in handy. I'd use it a few times in a game and I could do pretty well, so it wasn't like I was horrible at it, therefore I sucked. In all honesty, the problem with it is that the scoring system works off of objectives and kills, so why do parkour?

The storyline was the most half-assed thing I've seen in a while. Games 10 years ago called it “Offline multiplayer”, and they were bots. But no, this time they tried to tie in the word “Story” into it and it lost all credibility. That was as much of a story as my big toe. All it did was offer offline multiplayer, which is NOT a story, but a deathmatch or assault.

Brink with it's lack of differentiation throughout the game, horrible story mode, useless parkour system, and such, really drove the game down to probably my worst disappointment of all time. A game that claimed to be the next TF2 had a lot to live up to, and dropped way below anyone's expectations, and is now sitting in Gamestops everywhere, in the bargain bin.

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