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2:12 PM on 01.31.2014

Why F2P Rarely Work

This game has dicks that cost more than $40.

Loadout looked like a fun game. I had been watching it for a while, but never really got into the beta. With the official release on steam, I installed right away.

And boy was I disappointed with raw greed infesting another great potential.

Tribes Ascend could have succeeded a lot more than it did. Its eventual downfall was the lack of content updates, and when they happened, it was impossible to ever reach a new weapon or armor with just in game currency. If you got 100 cash per game, it'd take you 62 games to afford one gun, and those weren't even the highest priced [IIRC]. Blacklight Retribution still stands to me as the only game to get F2P right.

Loadout takes a different approach. They decided to have all of the guns/upgrades available with in game cash, and have cosmetic items sold for real money.

Here's the problem: You start with 0 credit for that, so there's no incentive to spend more and your stuck as a default character until you put money into the game.

Loadout had so much potential, but with there being no room for advancement without money, the appeal has already worn off.


Enjoy your default character.   read

9:28 AM on 04.12.2013

On advertising (Destructoid)

I'm the kinda guy who always enables Adblock anywhere I go. However, upon reading one of the main blog posts on the front page about how Destructoid's audience primarily uses Adblock, I disabled Adblock on Destructoid. After all, I feel like this is a much better video game site than IGN or any of the likes.

But I would like to point out that if ads are to be enabled, they should remain as banners along the sides, or the background of the pages. Not to tell you how to do your business, but I quite frankly will re-enable ads if I feel like they're interfering with my ability to enjoy what's here.

I had a survey keep popping up as I scrolled through the stories that would constantly jump in front of whatever it could. I'm okay with things on the side, but the ones that interfere are a pain in the ass.

And I'm not 100% sure the next one is tied to an ad, but was blocking me from viewing any of the Cblogs


10:30 AM on 11.01.2012

Endings: Sometimes Least is Best

I'll go ahead and let you know there will be spoilers for “I Am Alive” and for the movie “Looper”.

I picked up I Am Alive during the halloween sales on Steam, because it looked like a game that genuinely intrigued my interests. I was never a really big fan of Prince of Persia games, which is how I Am Alive plays, but it was for multiple reasons. I didn't like the PoP games because of their story, their boring atmosphere, and when you took the gameplay and mixed it with that, you were left with a mediocre mess.

I Am Alive does it well. Okay 3D platforming gameplay, amazing atmosphere, music that makes your heart race, and a narrative done relatively well. The FPS element to it is what really blew me away. If you haven't played the game yet, essentially, you only ever have a few bullets and you have to watch how you use them. Enemies will react to guns more like actual people than standard CoD bots. If you point a gun at them, they'll back off and hope that you won't hurt them.

At one point, there were two guys both with machetes coming at me. I pulled out my gun and pointed it at them. I shifted my aim left and right to make sure they both knew that I would shoot. I was contemplating who was the bigger threat a little too long, when one of the enemies said, “He's too afraid to shoot!” and charged at me.

At another, I had two guys having my gun pointed at them. They were starting to back off, but I accidentally fired my gun without any bullets in it. “His gun's empty!” they shouted and came after me.

My biggest problem with the entire game isn't in the game itself, it's how people received the ending of it. The entire game is about the main character filming his journey throughout the destroyed city looking for his wife and daughter. He ends up rescuing a different mom and her daughter and getting them out of the city. Right afterwords, you cut to see a woman watching the video recorder's playback, only to start crying. Behind her is all of the gear the main character carried around.

Now what kills me is that this ending is perfect. Not all stories have happy endings, and that's one thing society needs to grow up and understand. The main character had already gotten incredibly lucky having gotten as far as he did. He scaled a building, slid down a building, crossed a train that was hanging off of the edge of a cliff, scaled up a building on its SIDE, and managed to rescue a woman and her daughter. That's probably the best irony of it. He didn't end up even getting close to rescuing his loved ones, but he made sure that another family was brought back together. It was an apocalyptic world he was living in. You're not always guaranteed to find anything. The ending was perfect, and in no way, could be any better.

Now as for Looper, it ends with the main character shooting himself to kill his future self right then and there. This is what happens when you get the response “I Am Alive” got. If the entire movie would have cut to black right after he shot himself straight through the chest, I would have left the movie theater ecstatic. But they realized that even if it may be considered a good ending by a few, the large population would be against it. They stretched out an ending that didn't need to be.

I guess, what I'm trying to say, is that developers need to start focusing more on the telling of the story rather than the reception to it, and that people should focus not so much on the fact that it cut to black immediately, but focus on why it did. Some movies and games are best with a split-second ending. It leaves interpretation valid and it closes the entire game or movie with a second's notice. And depending on the story, that's sometimes necessary.   read

2:00 PM on 09.11.2012

Re: Terraria coming to XBLA/PSN, PC users PISSED

I don't mind most of what Jim Sterling writes. Although they tend to be slanted in the direction Jim wants to take things instead of factual knowledge, I'm okay with it for the most part. But this post by him on terraria shows him essentially driving off the cliff when it comes to not putting things in perspective.

First off, can you really call this all?
I'm sure console players have gotten mad over PC exclusive content, yet it hasn't happened much. I'm sure with Dark Souls getting exclusive content on PC outraged some console gamers. Now, this would be news, if someone took action; Making a petition, creating chaos on their forums, etc etc. But no. All the post was, was "Some people mad because they didn't get what they wanted". This happens every day.

Secondly, why through a bit of a bias on the post? Jim sterling boldly posts PC users pissed, nothing even getting close to mentioning the people who don't give half a crap. He instantly skews it to make it look like PC gamers are all whiny bitches. Whether it was intended or not, it was bad journalism on his half. There was a curveball thrown in to make PC Gamers look bad, regardless.

And finally, YOU GOT THE QUOTES FROM FACEBOOK. You get what you pay for. If you enter the world's largest social network, you're bound to find idiots. And yeah, maybe it's entertaining watching teens and adults cry because they didn't get what they deserve. But you're making it too easy to get a few butthurt quotes. Essentially, you looked for a grain of sand in the desert. You were bound to find that to make your post. And if you want to prove my example more, go on twitter on christmas, and look up how many people have tweets like, "Merry christmas, yeah right, I didn't even get a car!" because they are rampant on that site.   read

2:45 PM on 07.02.2012

Why the Tropes vs. Women kickstarter project is a waste of time and money.

I'll go ahead and start with this; This is going to get offensive. I'm not holding back on any genders or races, even my own. I'm not doing this to BE racist or sexist. I'm merely going to interpret all of the stereotypes and why this kickstarter project is short sighted and pathetic.

To start

Women shouldn't be mad because of how men portray them. They should be mad at how other women portray themselves.

The Kickstarter project wants to call out stuff like the Big Breasted Female who's sexual appeal is higher than any real life person out there. Okay, it's kind of true. Games like Bayonetta really show that women are just over-sexualized dolls. But is this the men's fault?

Yes and no.

If women, in general, didn't treat themselves as sex dolls, they probably wouldn't get this kind of representation. Any time a woman applies for a job at a strip club, Hooters, E3 booth babe, or anything that's meant to keep her there as an “Accessory”, she's portraying the women in a negative light. Hooters is probably one of the places I hate the most because any time I enter there, it's nothing but women condemning their own species. They're saying “We're just here to look good.” And when SOOO many women do this in real life, how do you expect them to be portrayed in video games? When you want to make anything in a game based off of anything in real life, you have to draw out how it acts.

I'm not saying all women demean themselves either, or they should purposefully make themselves ugly. But when teenage pregnancies get so high that 16 YEAR OLDS GET THEIR OWN TV SHOW ABOUT IT, I'm pretty sure women are setting their own low standard.

These representations don't apply only to women. It applies to EVERYONE

Deus Ex HR got a lot of crap thrown at it for the black woman digging in the trash can and saying “Welll shiiiieeeet, Captain!”. And I'll admit, it's a bit over the line. But racism is direct and narrow-minded. People seem to forget that the woman to give you a sidequest and talk to you as a regular person was ALSO black. But as for the first woman, here comes the offensive.

I know there are good black people. I'm not racist. But honestly, black people tend to portray themselves poorly as well. People will tell me I'm stereotyping, and OH YEAH, I am! But stereotypes aren't drawn out of a hat. Asian kids are picked on for being good at math. But look who's the top of the mathematics leaderboard! China! And honestly, black people portray themselves poorly when they tend to sag, blast rap music, or get in trouble. Here's an example:

Lemme pick on my own race to even the table; I'm a white Caucasian male. I'm an IT guy. But every time there's an IT guy in a video game, he's either an egotistic asshole (Pritchard) or a nerdy guy with shirtpockets and glasses (JC Denton's radio guy). And then when you just look at the fact that I'm white, the only other white guys in video games these days are either spiky haired rascals or people the size of refrigerators.

If it's a problem for women to be portrayed as big breasted whores, then it should also be a problem for men to be portrayed as incredibly buff guys.

Women feel pressure when they see a beautiful woman because they feel like that's what society wants them to become. But men have the same thing! I guarantee you! Turn on a movie like Sex in the City. I guarantee you that there's gonna be a scene with three women or so tanning by a pool where a Brad Pitt kind of guy walks buy, and all the women turn and stare at his butt. Is that fair? Hell no. I want $160,000 to call that out for what it's worth.

Bayonetta makes stereotypes women as big breasted pole dancers. This guy stereotypes men as big buff jocks who look like Brad Pitt.

$160,000? This blog is FREE.

Basically, to summarize:

- When developers try to create a world, they try to make things somewhat realistic. All races and genders lower their own standards by their own race/gender. Black people listen to rap, white people are goody two-shoes, women whore themselves out to Hooters, etc.
- Women aren't the only ones with poor portrayals. You all get big boobs and have no real role in a game? Men are portrayed as giant weapons of destruction, geeks are portrayed as huge nerds, and black people are portrayed as garbage-diggers.
- $160,000 is for a youtube series is ridiculous. Wikipedia is always looking for donations, and they actually don't bullshit you with biased opinions (At least not as much as Anita Sarkeesian)   read

2:47 PM on 04.08.2012

Dear Star Wars Fans: Deal with it

I'm sorry to mention this once again, but it brings up such a good point in many of things. ME3, people were entitled to a good ending because they showed consumer loyalty and the games throughout were relatively good. They had paid for what they expected to be an epic conclusion to perhaps one of their favorite series of games, and I understand that. Fight for what you deserve in for what game you deserve it in.

But with the advent of the new Kinect Star Wars, I keep seeing people going nuts over how stupid it is and how it “killed” star wars. But here's the thing. This is all in one game, that you don't have to buy. It doesn't continue the story line, and you can see how it's aimed at someone of a younger audience (Seeing the KID on the front of the case). And if you couldn't put two and two together, consider the rest of games on kinect. There are very few , if any, games targeted at the same audience as hardcore Star Wars fans.

Another problem is how people act like it kills Star Wars. They seem to think that a guy covered in black can't break it down once in a while. It may sound like I'm joking here, but I'm not. They act as though if he does, then he's ruined forever for doing something the player doesn't want him to do. You cannot define how he acts.

Bringing up ME3 again, the series defines itself as a story about people trying to save Earth from the reapers, and okay. But tossing all of their hard work back in their face as if it never mattered? That's something to be upset about. But complaining about how a game has a mini game where famous characters from a game dance? You never even had to buy the game, as it pretty much advertised itself as for younger kids.

With the picture above, I'm also saying that...why can't there be a bit of comedy in games? I'm sure the developers weren't aiming to destroy your childhood memories. They probably saw it as a bit of a goofy, or funny thing. Now if they start dancing in the actual storyline and acting really goofy, I can see that being a bit of a problem. But as a side dish, that you didn't even have to buy because it advertises itself as FOR KIDS , then what do you have to complain about? That an evil villain danced?

If I had a problem with this, then I would be anti-just about everything. Because of stuff like fan-fictions that ruin how I view amazing characters (Back when I was heavily into KH, fan-fics ruined it).

And yeah, if I had the chance (And kinect), I would probably go and play this game, because I get a kick out of it. I find it humorous.   read

4:20 PM on 04.05.2012

Kickstarter: Why it could be a bad thing

Warning: This blog is full speculation. I am in no way saying Kickstarter does this or anything of the sort.

Let's say, a Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 kickstarter project occurs. Someone wants to revive an amazing, yet dead, franchise. The support for that would be pretty strong seeing how popular the first three were. It promises new HD content, more building options, better AI, etc. etc. That sounds like it fixes everything in number three. So, like an ordinary gamer, you feel like supporting an idea that you can agree with. But on the game's release, you notice problems like

- Screen Tearing
- Bad AA management
- Constant crashes
- Insane difficulty
- Etc

So what do you do now? Nothing, you're left with a dead product. Essentially, you donated money to bring a game into existence, so you can't really ask for a refund back. And if you claim it as false bought the game without it ever being released yet! It was only an idea and you supported it. It's different when someone buys Mass Effect 3 and hates it and wants a refund. Because they specifically bought the game and expected it to be good. All of the things EA/Bioware said about it could be considered false advertising. But with RT4's case, it wouldn't be like that, because you DONATED money to the project and got a game in return. Not only that, but you donated and got the game before it was even established as a public game.

In a time where people are against the corporations producing games because they're actually want to support that? If everyone would have paid for ME3 before it came out, you mind as well have torn another half of the content out. “But they're indie companies!” Not all of them have to be (Double Fine) and indie companies can be just as bad. Notch's rate of improvements to minecraft was much slower than Jeb's, sadly. Yeah, notch started it. But then it got annoying with how he went on vacations a lot more than he did work on his actual project. Yes, minecraft was still good. But it was still taking advantage of the customers, and later Minecraft revised the ToS to say that you would indeed have to pay for different versions of it (When it originally stated it wouldn't require for you to).

You can say developers are bad nowadays. I can see that somewhat. But then when you go and donate $10-$100 to a company for a promise that they're going to release a great game, you're really stretching it. While companies can do it for good, I'm sure there will be ones there to abuse the system. Donating to random companies on Kickstarter for an explanation of what it will be is like buying a good they show on TV. Have you ever used to Robo-Stir? It doesn't work. The snuggie? Blankets work too. Sham-Wow? They can't absorb worth a crap.

I realize that no company has done this yet to a really bad extent, and the chances of it occuring are low unless people keep giving companies money with pinky promises that they'll get a good product.   read

7:26 PM on 03.21.2012

Disappointments: Not a SMART move

I love TF2 with a passion, in fact, I've racked up over 430ish hours on it and occasionally turn it back on. So when people start hyping a game said to have team-based objectives, I get kind of excited. No other game to that point had reached TF2's level of gameplay. Nothing really made you feel like a team and had the most balanced weapons imaginable. But what game was being hyped?

Oh, and it was nothing like I expected.

When I first got into a game, my eyes started watering. They cluttered my HUD with so many tiny little icons and do-hickeys that I couldn't see five feet in front of my face. They gave all of the different classes objectives to do, but the problem was, it was set to where every class had a different objective, but all it consisted of was going somewhere and holding the action button. You mind as well have everyone on the same objectives if it's that easy.

TF2 did well because: All characters were distinguishable, each class had it's own weapons, each class had a role, and they were balanced. Brink, had none of this. You can't see a character and think “Oh, that's a medic” or “Oh, that's a spy”. You just see him and think “Oh, well, I guess I gotta kill this enemy.” The problem with that is, no one knows who the priority target is. In TF2, if a heavy and medic team up, everyone gangs up on them because they're an obvious threat.

Another downside to Brink, again, is being similar through all of the classes. Each class has access to the same guns. wat. Again, by doing this, you make working as a team so much harder. That, and no class distinguishes. For example, the reason I've played TF2 so much, is because sometimes I feel like being a spy, while at times I feel like being a heavy. They all had their own play styles and in a way they all felt like their own game. But Brink offers none of that, making each character use the same everything while the only variation that exists is what you do in terms of an objective.

Brink tried to drum up excitement by showing off the SMART feature a lot, and it wasn't even that practical. There were times I needed to navigate, but I wasn't using it as much as the producers said it'd come in handy. I'd use it a few times in a game and I could do pretty well, so it wasn't like I was horrible at it, therefore I sucked. In all honesty, the problem with it is that the scoring system works off of objectives and kills, so why do parkour?

The storyline was the most half-assed thing I've seen in a while. Games 10 years ago called it “Offline multiplayer”, and they were bots. But no, this time they tried to tie in the word “Story” into it and it lost all credibility. That was as much of a story as my big toe. All it did was offer offline multiplayer, which is NOT a story, but a deathmatch or assault.

Brink with it's lack of differentiation throughout the game, horrible story mode, useless parkour system, and such, really drove the game down to probably my worst disappointment of all time. A game that claimed to be the next TF2 had a lot to live up to, and dropped way below anyone's expectations, and is now sitting in Gamestops everywhere, in the bargain bin.   read

5:30 PM on 03.19.2012

Why Mass Effect 3 haters need to speak up (Spoiler Free)

I'm not trying to be a douche hating on Daniel's story or anything, in fact I agree with the points he made saying how it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The fact of the matter is that there's a lot of hatred on ME3's ending, and some of it is well deserved. I'm not saying harassing Jennifer Hepler will change anything, but simply being vocal can help a lot.

A lot of people got on the guy who complained about ME3 to the FTC saying he was going too far. But right now, in the current games industry, I wouldn't say he's going too far. Mass Effect's series promised choices, which were never really relevant as the game goes ahead and dictates to everyone that whatever choices they pick are only valid in the game it's played in. I haven't played ME, but I have read up a lot on the controversy. From what I've heard, ME1 let you vote for a council member, and in 2, they automatically choose one they figured you may have voted for. That's kind of crap.

You might say, “Big deal who cares”. But I do. This is the first step to a company shoving garbage down your throats. If you support good game developers such as Valve, and then support games that were made cutting corners, other companies might hop on that band wagon. If a company finds out that they can use public domain stock photos in their games without gamers being upset, I'm sure a lot more would! And that itself is not bad, unless it escalates. If it gets to where developers really start to drag this out further and cut more costs, I can't help but feel like I wouldn't be able to play video games anymore. It's starting to feel like hollywood, cutting corners and butchering what could have been good.

The case and point, is that if we don't tell EA/Bioware that this is bullshit, then they're going to keep on. And other companies will follow suit, and eventually we'll have games that are literally just copied and pasted onto our screens. And I don't want that, I want new content that works, is thought out, and allows for what it advertises.

If anything, I'd like for more people to be vocal, and I don't care how much. Send EA and Bioware emails that you don't want to be treated like sacks of money.   read

3:59 PM on 03.18.2012

The Problem With Deus Ex Human Revolution

I recently got a 360 for the first time ever, and my friend's letting me borrow Deus Ex. I played it for a bit before on PC, but grew sick of how poorly my PC handled it, so I stopped. But now, I can play it a lot better, although with a worse controller (I love my Keyboard and mouse, and I hate analog stick controllers for FPS/TPS). But I've been playing through, and one thing more than any gets on my nerves.

When Deus Ex was first being advertised, they brought up the different forms of gameplay. They said there were 3: Stealth (Don't get noticed), Adaptive (Use the environment to your advantage), and Aggressive (Shoot everything you need to). The problem is, the last two...are pretty much obsolete.

If you really get into adaptive, it essentially means look for air ducts and move around boxes and fridges to your advantage. The problem is that air ducts are usually predictable, as they'll have one entrance 100% blocked off by enemies. So then you think, “Oh well, if they're going to completely block off my path, then there's probably an air vent around here somewhere.” To make an example, when you first get to china and have to get into the penthouse. There are 4-5 guards blocking off the obvious entrance, with an airduct slightly farther to the right of it. And if you decide to move stuff around to your advantage, it's either very limited or very cheating. The carrying augmentation costs 1 praxis point and allow you to move whatever you want. Essentially, you could run through the game, smashing anything that moves with a vending machine, and you'd be pretty safe with doing so. The vending machines would work as cover and a weapon.

Aggressive is what really gets me. I'm pretty bad at stealth, so I try my best, and most of the time, I at least make someone get suspicious of activities going on. The problem here is that aggressive won't work nearly as well as the other two. For one, there's a limited supply of ammo. In detroit, there's one guy selling weapons, and he has limited inventory. So at first, that's kind of okay. But then scenes come like when you face the bosses and are forced to unload all of your bullets into them. Then you walk away with a lot less. The second downfall to playing aggressively, is that if you do, you miss out on heavy experience gains. If you go through a part of a level without alerting anyone, you get Ghost for 500 exp. If you don't set off alarms, you get Smooth Operator for 500 exp. But killing a person gives you 10, and knocking them out only provides about...30? And with the limited praxis points in the game, you're probably going to want to get the most exp so you can augment completely.

Don't get me wrong, I love Deux Ex HR. But I just feel like if you make seperate ways to go about handling things, you should also make it a bit more balanced and fair, so that someone who's amazing at stealth gets about the same benefits as someone who has to kill or knock out a few people along the way.   read

6:54 PM on 03.05.2012

Browser Games: Good ol' RS (Audio Blog)

I'm switching it up a bit and makng a full blog out of just audio, of me talkng. My laptop's keyboard is a bit messed up, and i figure this to be much easier anyway. I realize it's probably gonna disqualify me from being on the front page, but I don't think that that's what matters. I think these topic-specific blogs are meant just more for us to get our opinion out.

Browser Games: Good ol' RS   read

5:05 PM on 03.04.2012

The World of DLC

Before I get started, I also made this into an audio blog here. They both basically say the same thing, although one is read by a 17-year old's weird voice.

What is DLC? According to wikipedia, DLC is content made downloadable to work as addons for games. So that map pack you bought? DLC. That extra character? DLC. But if you take DLC apart and look at the words behind it, you get "Downloadable Content". No shit, right? Problem is, the words and the meaning are two different things. Downloadable Content is used today meaning extra addons, but the words themselves when put together basically refer to just about anything. You can't download nothing; it's really not possible (Unless we want to get into theoretical computing).

So then in the word form, it can mean anything from a document, to a downloadable game, like Bastion or Super Meat Boy. But for the sake of this blog, I'm going to refer to the DLC commonly associated with being addons of a video game.

Why is everyone against DLC?

It seems like everyone's against it, but they're not. They're for it. Everyone living and breathing should be for DLC. It takes a good game and adds more content. What they're actually against is when you order an entire pizza (game) and you only get two slices (1/2 of a Totino's Party Pizza). The problem is that people feel like they deserve more...and quite frankly...they should at least be somewhat retrospective about the game industry.

People who complain about DLC act like up until now the game industry has always been on your side with video games. Everyone thinks back to the Atari days and thinks, "Gee, video games sure were good then." but they really weren't. The vast majority of people are wearing nostalgia goggles so thick that a bullet couldn't penetrate it. Remember old RPGs on the NES? I'm not saying they're all bad (as they did lay the blue print for future RPGs), but...a look at storylines real quick. The storylines were usually something along the lines of a wizard attacking your hometown and you want revenge, you're the chosen one and have to save something or someone, or you're off on an adventure and get caught up in some strange situation. The graphics were good for the time, but easily outdated. The music was just beeps and boops, and they can still be catchy, but the music design overall has been outdated for way too long.

And before you go off on a long rant about how I'm wrong about saying what i just did, if you have a 360 or PS3 in your room, then you have no place to talk against this. If you do want to talk against this and say I'm wrong, sure, go ahead, but realize that the vast majority of the people who'll say I'm wrong do have either a wii/ps3/360/GamingPC in their homes.

Remember E.T. the video game? They knew it was going to be a huge seller, and yet, they didn't give half a crap about how good it came out. They were in it for the money, and that led to their own downfall.

Oh, and a classic: "All your Base Are Belong to Us"

DLC done right

DLC, in it's prime form, only adds to the pizza. Along with the pizza, you should get a side of breadsticks. My absolutely favorite piece of DLC of all time thus far has been Beat Hazard Ultra. Beat Hazard functioned fine on its own, and worked wonderfully. Ultra just added more features such as co-op, more bosses, perks, powerups, new weapons, and other functionality for just $5.

DLC can also be done right in other ways. The two best genres for DLC are Music based games and Sports games. I used to be a huge fan of Madden, and it really pissed me off how new rookies were always ranked lower no matter how well they did in college. So, why not make DLC for a game like madden, where for $5-$10, you can get updates on their stats as the season progresses? Make it feel more realistic. If Peyton Manning gets injured on the colts, then he does on your game too. Music games like GH should focus more on DLC rather than making sequels every few seconds. Then maybe, just maybe, the franchise would last longer.

When DLC doesn't matter

DLC, no matter how much is packed onto a disc, isn't really a bad thing (to me) in a few different cases. Locking off character costumes, extra maps, and things of the sort doesn't really bug me unless it impedes my actual gameplay. A lot of hate went towards Gotham City Imposters for having so much DLC, but all the dlc really did was unlock costumers, something purely a cosmetic effect which is similar to TF2's store system.

TF2's store system, while not really being DLC, is a good way to go about handling a game's extra financial gains. You basically allow customers to support the game in a non-harmful way in which functions perfectly. The workshop was a fantastic addition, and I hope to see Valve implementing more of its ideas across their future games.   read

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