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MatCD avatar 6:10 AM on 04.13.2008  (server time)
Guilty Gear 2 Overture announced for U.S. release... over a month ago

Apparently Aksys, the company that published Guilty Gear XX Accent Core in the U.S., put out a press release on March 11th, saying that they will be localizing Guilty Gear 2 Overture for an American release. Although I didn�t hear about it until a clerk at Gamestop told me about it after going to pick up a copy of Arcana Heart. (I should probably pay more attention to these things)

I�m not surprised at this happening since the game did piss poor in Japan (with it being a 360 exclusive and all that), the developers would want to release the game to a larger audience to hope that the game sells better.

For those of you who don�t know, Guilty Gear is a 2D fighting game franchise that is know for

1. Looking hell of stylish

2. Fast and furious gameplay

3. Having quite a few versions of the same game (GGXX, GGXX#Reload, GGXX Slash, GGXX^Core, and soon ^Core+)

video of somebody getting pwned in GGXX Slash

However, for GG2: Overture the series took a strange turn toward the RTS and Beat um' Up genres.

Instead of traditional 1 on 1 fighting, 2 to 4 players fight for control of a map. Each character starts at a main base known as a �Master Ghost� that they must defend, and spend mana to build army units and capture nodes that are scattered about the map that produce more mana, thus giving them more infantry to dominate their enemy(ies).

On top of the strategy elements, players get to run around the map and do some damage of their own. Hacking n� slashing, throwing bombs and banana peels (not shown in video); it�s not quite as deep as its fighting game predecessors or other full on RTSs, but there is still fun to be had both managing an army and fighting at the same time.

If you want to try it out, there's a demo on the Japanese Marketplace. Nick Chester did an article a while back about making a Japanese account for the Eternal Sonata demo, the same will method will work to get the Guilty Gear demo.

You can find that article here

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