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I've had Cave Story on my computer for the longest time but only recently did I finally get around to playing it. As Rev Anthony has said, it's pretty much the best SNES game never made (if you haven't played it, please do so right now!). But there's one thing that bothers me. That thing, is the significants of this

This happens at after a major plot point in the game (the fight in The Core). After curtain conditions are met, the computer in the Waterways Cabin will display "04-8-08 Wife bore child".

I originally thought that this date had to do with the something that had happened to the game's designer on that day, until I realized that the it was April 8th 2008, 3 and a half years after the game was released. (that's tomorrow from when this is being posted by the way [which is pretty much the reason why I'm talking about it])

I tried going to a fan site for the game to learn it's meaning, but under the cheats and secrets section all they had was this

[*If you go to the computer in the waterway cabin with*spoiler*, it says "Wife bore child 4-8-08".
This has gotta mean something, but nobody I know can figure it out.]

(15th * down if you wish to see for your self)

Maybe it has something to do with some untold back story of the game.
Maybe it's a translation error and the date is actually 08-08-04 (2 months before the game was released), which would reconfirm my previous theory that it has something to do with real life events.

What's your interpretation of it's importance? (is the world going to explode tomorrow? =P)

-sources: teh internetz

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