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Hey my name is Ronald. My first and videogame ever was super mario kart. I really got into videogames during the pokemon red/blue craze.

My favorite Games are: (Not in any order)

1. Pokemon Red
2. Final Fantasy 3 (snes)
3. Mario Kart (snes)
4. Donkey Kong Country 3
5. Halo 2
6. Super Smash Bros Brawl
7. Tatsunoko vs Capcom

8:01 PM on 06.22.2010

So what's up with this shit about the wii having hardcore games? It has pussy games like Mario Galaxy I mean come on who fucking plays Mario Galaxy? Killzone 2 is way better than Mario Galaxy!!! Killzone 2 is dark and mature while Mario Galaxy is all colorful and gay.

Mario Galaxy is for gays

Blows your cock off doesn't it? I love my new slim by the way. No more crap about who's got the best hardware. The PS3 also sounds more badass, I mean let's compare: "I've got a Wii woo" OR "I'VE GOT A FUCKING PS3 YEAAAAH"

PS: I had to do it (:

Apirl fools

Hey I'm Masterron2, I'm new here. I first heard about Destructoid from a TV show called Attack of the Show a couple years back and I've sorta hung out here in the shadows for quite a while.

I first videogames I played were mario kart and Pokemon red and ever since then I have been been playing game here and there. Unfortunately, I didn't own many games back then due to being poor.

However thanks to the wii I'm now able to download old games from the past I never got a chance to play.

I own a Wii and a Xbox 360 and hopefuly one day, I will own a PS3.

I will put my friend code and xbox gamertag later.

PS: I wil try not to suck.