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MarvelFan89's blog

6:45 PM on 08.25.2014

Looking for a bit of Crowdfunding. Convention Goers May Be Interested

Hey Folks! So not too long ago, I blogged about the status of Indie Game Magazine, for which I am the co-owner and Editor-in-Chief (alongside the other co-owner, Derrick Dool.) Well, I decided to launch a new initiative last...   read

10:15 PM on 07.15.2014

Hey D'toid, it's been a while. A lot's changed, too!

Hey guys, So, I guess I've never been the most active D'toid user ever. I've only written a few blogs, and I don't comment nearly as often as everyone else. In fact, I've been away for the past 7 months or so, but there's a ...   read

4:58 PM on 06.20.2013

My Gaming Story: Why I'm a Gamer

Iíve been gaming for roughly 21 years now. That being said, it may surprise you to know that at the time of this blog Iím only 23 years old. (Iím certain youíre capable of doing the math.) My first game was Super Mario World,...   read

2:20 PM on 06.20.2013

TL;DR: The Xbox One- Poor Marketing and Business Management All Around

By this point, anyone with even a remote interest in the video game industry has heard about the tumultuous past few weeks for Microsoftís next-gen console, the Xbox One. For the purposes of this piece, letís do a quick recap...   read

9:45 AM on 01.15.2013

Tipping Hats and Wagging Fingers

Welcome back to another installment of my colorblind-awareness series. Since last time I covered the basics of the issue at hand, this time around will be all about showing off some of the games that bring colorblindness int...   read

7:46 AM on 01.08.2013

A Rose By Any Other Color...

Hi, Iím Vince. Hereís a few things you might need to know, or maybe you just forgotÖ (Oh and yeah, NERD ALERT! Youíve been warned.) Awesome opening intros aside, the purpose of this piece is to bring something to the attent...   read

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