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6:14 PM on 02.05.2010

Gotta Catch Em' All

So In the spirit of Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver just a month away I figured I would fire up my Pokemon Platinum. For those of you who haven't played it, here's a quick review.

So this time around you start off in the small Town of Twinleaf. It starts basically the same as all the others. You start in you're room, you're rival runs up and tells you he's decided to be a pokemon trainer. You head out to the tall grass and the local professor stops you and gives you a choice of pokemon. This time you get to pick from Chimchar, a fire monkey, Piplup, a water penguin, or Turtwig, a grass turtle. I chose Chimchar as I always pick the fire type.

Gameplay: If you've ever played any of these entries I'm sure you know what to expect. If not just imagine final fantasy except with pokemon. You go from town to town to collect "Badges" from "Gym Leaders". Each Gym houses a master of a certain type of Pokemon be it rock, or fighting, or water, ect.

One cool feature is the occasional "Double Battles", which consists of two trainers challenging you at once. Usually you just use two of your pokemon at once, but at some points in the story you actually have a 2nd trainer with you who fights along side you.

One thing I haven't been a big fan of, though you may be, is the build up of "HM's" or Hidden Moves. These are moves you teach your pokemon to overcome obstacles on the map. They'r fun at first but later in the game when you have about 8 of them and have to use everyone to get where you're going it can get annoying especially because most of them aren't moves you want you're main team to keep. But all and all it's not that big of an issue.

The random battles may not be you're fancy, and there's a lot of them, about every 5-6 steps. But thankfully there are items like repels that you can use to keep random encounters at bay.

Another cool feature is the system of time they've added, theres a night and day, and certain pokemon only appear during certain times. Also there's been a nice upgrade to the graphics which makes everything feel bigger,more real, more believable, the world just feels much more expansive. I mean when you really look at it, it's not that big, but it FEELS big. This time around theres mountains, waterfalls, big seas, little side houses spread throughout the map, many caves, and even a winter town, covered in snow. It really gives you an idea of this being a whole new world more so than previous installments.

You also have the ability to give your pokemon certain items to hold that have various effects such as boosting certain types of attacks or doubling money earned or sharing experience with other pokemon. These are pretty neat and theres many different kinds to experiment around with.

If contests are you're thing you'll be happy to know ts back in full force this time around. The contest hall offers many different ranks and categories and it seems to be almost an endless amount of accessories spread across the world.

Story: Now normally the story in these games isn't very complex. I mean usually it's just you got your pokemon, you want to be the best trainer ever, and you do. A lot of the games have had various renditions of team rocket who always have some plan to steal pokemon but it's still nothing too in depth. This time around however the story actually interested me. This time you have Team Galactic whose actually trying to destroy the world. And the story actually grows and expands as you continue the game. I have to say I was much more impressed with the plot this time around.

The Pokemon: I wasn't really to into the newer pokemon this time around. Now don't get me wrong there are some really cool ones, such as the legendary pokemon, but over all I used pokemon who appeared in previous games as my main team. But if you're a collector there are plenty of new faces to be excited about and get out there and catch.

Also the dual types made things a little more interesting this time around, such as these fish pokemon that are immune to electric attacks. Theres steel/electric, fire/fighting, ghost/ice, and many others which add a whole new strategy to the game. Sometimes you'll think you have the upper hand only to find out the enemy's 2nd type is your weakness, this is something I am actually glad has been expanded on.

Connectivity: Honestly I've only played single player right now, but I plan on getting around to messing with the wi-fi options in the game later this weekend. As soon as I have fair experience with it I'll complete this section so stay tuned for an update later!

Overall I enjoyed this game, I love turn based RPGs, and I've always been a fan of the pokemon series. If you liked the others, you're going to enjoy this one, and if you've never played one, I recommend checking it out. It's a very good buy, lots of content for you're money,I clocked in about 40 hours and till haven't even messed around with the wi-fi, not to mention there's plenty of story and things to do left even after you beat the elite four, and with breeding, different pokemon to level, contests, trading, theres plenty of reasons to come back for more. I give Pokemon Platinum a 9 out of 10.   read

4:47 AM on 02.05.2010



5:31 PM on 02.04.2010

Someone Spilled Stupid On My Pokemon

I remember when I first played Pokemon. I was one of those red guys, yea, screw blue. I remember when I had an awesome thunder bird, and an awesome ice bird, and Mewtwo who was just a beast, and then my main companion who had been with me since the beginning was a FREAKING FIRE BREATHING DRAGON. Yea. You can't get much cooler than that.

Fast forward to 2010/ I decide I'll buy pokemon platinum and once again rise to be champion of all pokemon. So I go into some grass and this professor offers me a free pokemon to start my journey. Now I was never a fan of any other choice but the fire guy in the beginning so ok yea a turtle leaf guy whatever,then oh, whoa, a penguin water dude thats uh interesting, alright now gimme my dragon I can't wait to destroy stuff with this totally badass.... MONKEY? What the hell. Ok, so I'm disappointed, I'm stuck with a flaming monkey, but who knows maybe he'll turn into a monkey dragon.

Well, he didn't. He turned into a flaming ape. What happened to pokemon? Did they just run out of good ideas? I mean this roster has got to be the worst lineup ever. Look at this guy.

W...t...f.... is that??? I mean yea some are cool I got the legendary shadow dragon type pokemon he's pretty cool. But c'mon I miss the old pokemon. I miss when they started cute and then turned into something totally awesome. Now they start cute or weird and either way, turn weirder.I mean look at some of these guys.

*Sigh* Maybe it's just me. But every area in this game, the pokemon get worse and worse. But their fun games! I mean pokemon is probably one of the funnest portable game series out. I just wish they would add some cooler guys if they're going to create new ones. But I guess silver and gold wasn't so bad, once I had my Latios I was happy camper, so luckily heartgold and soulsilver are only about a month away or so, so maybe that will renew my faith in pokemon. I wish they would of made fire red and leaf green for the DS but they were still good remakes. The only complaint I had on those remakes is they took out one of the most useful pokemon in the game!


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