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Mark Mann says:


// Submitted @ 9:37 AM on 06.21.2013

I like video games.

boobs and cocks are both equally great. 

but boners are better.

Anita has good intentions but she's wrong if she thinks that diversity will change the fact that most video game publishers are corporate shits who think they know video games, but in reality they know jack shit. 

We need more video games that don't try to be movies or COD. 

I do think we should keep the movie games, but in addition to good video games.

Darksiders 2 is the best western action game yet. 

Ben Cureton could have the skills to rival Hideaki Itsuno. 

God Hand is one of the best games ever, you just have to get used to the camera and learn how to dodge.

Serious Sam 3 with mods is the best FPS of this gen.

Far Cry 3 was also good in that 3D spiderman video game based off the movie kind of way.

Multiplayer in Far Cry 3 is dead though.

I loved the story in barkley shut up and jam: gaiden.

Barkley is the best vidya protag.

That is not a joke, it is CANON.

I miss when Occams would post a picture.

I disagree with Jim on a ton of things, but he's a pretty cool guy.

Willem Dafoe will always be THE Green Goblin in my heart.

If they ever bring back the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn better be played by Willem Dafoe.

The Xbox ONE is still shit.

I fear for the day when M. Randy Dixon's has a son.

That is if he has a son.

I have no idea why I'm making these random sentences.

I'm gonna get some breakfast.

I almost called Willem Dafoe, "Willem Tell"

JimmyX will always be 12 in our hearts.

R.I.P JimmyX 


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Mark Mann

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