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Maritimes's blog

4:10 AM on 03.19.2008

All I wanna do is PC Bang, Bang, Bang.

A PC Bang sign. As you can see Koreans are not huge on respecting copyrights/trademarks. Coming up on my fourth month in the Republic of Korea, I still haven't made it to any of this country's ubiquitous PC Bangs (pronounce...   read

6:18 AM on 03.18.2008

Games I'm really looking forward to.

In no particular order.... Spore All Points Bulletin (well once I sort out the South korean X360 situation anyway) The Crossing Left 4 Dead Empire: Total War What about you guys?   read

10:09 AM on 03.16.2008

What I'm playing this week.....

Sins of a Solar Empire.   read

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