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Marioland avatar 11:32 AM on 02.13.2011  (server time)
One man's trash is another man's SEGA

It wasn't too long ago when I tweeted @Dtoid with an impressive picture of a stack of five Sega Megadrives along with six gamegears towering on top. They were all on their way to a nearby landfill but our lucky fellow Dtoider Cubilone noticed them in the trash bins and collected them.

The consoles inside were intact, in their initial plastic and paper wrappings, all the manuals and warranty papers are still white. The only thing showing their long stay in a warehouse, was a thick layer of dust which was cleaned off, revealing some almost perfect original packages, albeit some minor dents and rips.

As my friend contacted me to inform me about his findings, he showed me all the nice pictures. My heart skipped a beat. I (still) am a Sega fan and a sucker for their classic (or not so) consoles. I felt rage for the heartless toy-store owner who rejected such treasure like it's common trash.

As expected, these gorgeous consoles will be sold on e-bay (except for a Mega Drive and a Game Gear given as a gift to me from my friend) but before that, we had to check for their integrity. You know, see if the cables, the manuals and all are in there and nobody took a cable or a controller. Since Cubi had no idea what Sega packages included (he grew up only playing Nintendo, that ignorant fool) This is where I came in. We managed to have several vids of the inspection (I can't say unboxing since I haven't stripped the consoles from inside the box).

we start talking in English at 1.05 so so skip ahead.

I also attempted to play some games on the consoles that were destined for me, succesfully. So, don't worry, the other consoles are stil.... *virgin*. Both consoles are working perfectly which is a good sign that all of them are working too.

Tried the Gamegear with its included cartridge - 4-in-1

Tried a Sega Mega Drive with the worst Sonic game for the console. A console where Sonic reached his full glory. *sigh*
So it's Sonic 3D.

The auctions will be up in a few days. We are trying to determine how much a never-before used Game Gears and Mega Drives are sold. (if you have ideas, tell me in the comments) For the ones who are interested, I'll make a new post or follow me @Azureleeonardo where I'll tweet the links of the auctions.

BTW excuse my crappy English or Greeklish :P I was too excited to be careful but I hope you enjoy the videos...

[edit: for some reason, the videos didn't appear. That was because of HTML5 embedding. Now it's working]

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