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Marioland avatar 1:49 PM on 08.25.2009  (server time)
I love Destructoid and that's why

Dear Dtoid,

There are a lot of reasons why I love this place. It's kinda complicated, like, all the love relationships in life but I'll try and explain why I'm still here, Cblogging.

First of all, I met Dtoid through my friend Cubilone. A very special friend of mine and fellow gamer that likes to give a second thought about what happens in our beloved gaming industry. Just right beneath the surface of things that happen into the industry, without biased opinions.

Dtoid has just that. Even if there are some opinions I simply don't agree with, I still can see the point that every single author makes throughout their texts. All that, without loosing that special humor that Internet culture generated for years now.

I've found Anthony Burch. A handsome young man that throughout his texts and videos, I can find my own visions on how videogaming can be a more meaningful experience and be recognized as "art" because is a sense, video games are.

Anthony also inspired me to write my own editorials concerning all those stuff that games can and should be. He is the one who encouraged me to address all my concerns about the lack of social messages, discouragement, display of emotions, perception of beauty and the Hollywood-ness that games have noways without sounding like a strange geek with the special X-men power of being into humanitarian sciences.

Then, there's another favorite author named Jim Sterling. I just love the irony that spans on his writings. Not only I've found a voice that have given me ideas on how to discuss the video game controversy with older (and more stupid) people, but also He's the one that will have his soul eaten by the Tails Doll, just because he's a fan of Sonic and always drag us into hoping every time Sega decides to crap on the poor blue spiky thing.

In the Retroforce GO! That was dedicated to Sonic, Jim did the best Eggman voice incarnation I've ever heard. He's what Egoraptor is for Metal Gear series, just for Eggman.

Seriously, it was THAT EPIC!

The rest of the writers, well, it's not that they are of inferior quality or doesn't have enough originality and character in their writings or love them less. But, for me, those two people are the most influential to my own job contributing at a Greek gaming site. It's not just imitation, mind you, all of destructoid stuff is so original, they can't be imitated. it's something way better. It's influence. and it's different.

Then there's the community. I never posted at the forum because I have some sort of phobia in overcrowded forums, especially foreign ones, but I might do it at some point.

Otherwise, I love the fact that there are people who may enjoy videos like this:

and laugh on videos like this:

And give their opinions commenting whenever they can.
The only issue is that sometimes it frustrates me when they said that something is OLD instead of giving some thought in the actual text itself. I know it's not a pretty thing to talk about things over and over and over again, but some stuff have lots of sections waiting to be covered.

I love Destructoid. Actually my dream is to work for such a site someday. Well, that day will probably never come, but, I still have the right to dream, right?

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