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Marioland avatar 5:20 AM on 03.17.2010  (server time)
Happy Birthday Destructoid - A community as colorful as distant

That's actually me sitting on a throne with a pacman t-shirt thinking. What else can I do for you Destructoid?

Well, I've been around Destructoid for a year? Maybe more. Two? I've stopped counting for a long time now.
Destructoid was proposed to me by a close and dear Friend. "Look" he said "they talk videogames and they are craaaaazy!" What's not to love to destructoid's editors who are completely insane?

By the time I was checking the news regularly, I made an account. I didn't know there was an option to write a little blog. I haven't even bother to look at the other Cblogs. What a fool I was...

So I discovered the Cblogs, later I discovered the forum but I never write there because I am afraid of too big community discussion boards. So, Cblogs offered to me the chance to express myself, be in the rankings of Dtoid's army and interact with other people that are crazy enough with videogames.

Even though I am in Greece, a country that many of you may know it for the islands, sun and the recent economic crisis the country comes trough (maybe Julia's porno movie too), I feel the vibrance of this community so strong and so vivid. But I feel like I miss the most of the fun by the simple fact that many of you are from the other side of the earth. Having heavy REM's as you re taking your beauty rest. I am far away to participate on some discussions. I don't buy games from Best Buy, Netflix is an unknown service to me, hell, even Xbox Live has forgotten my little country.

What hurts me more, is that I'll probably never see any of you in person, share thoughts in personal or even participate to those crazy parties you're throwing at times. It's the same feeling of watching a sky full of colorful stars and never-ever be able to reach any of them.

I don't say it's Destructoid's fault, and I am not demanding to throw a party at Mykonos or something (even though you are invited :P) It's just life, and she's a bitch. I am still young and my future is not really clear. I may end up somewhere near the people I've been interacting with and party with them at last or be rich enough to buy airplane tickets with the same ease I buy tickets for the subway. Who knows.

Also, Destructoid motivated me a lot to get into the videogame journalism in my country - a place who is generally covered by assholes except for some really bright exceptions - and meet really interesting gamers and other journalists from other Greek sites who really know their stuff. I'm living my own dream.

So, destructoid, happy birthday. I wish your existance to meet the Playstation 130, Nintendo's Infinity, Microsoft's Xbox 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459
(I'll probably be either dead or really old by that day :P)

Did I say that I love you? <3

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