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Marioland avatar 5:49 PM on 01.08.2011  (server time)
Game On 2.0 Expo had some really neat stuff

Here I am, fellow Dtoiders, writing from the distant land of gloom and economic crisis.

I haven't been writing blogs for so long because of some severe problems in my family. Nobody is dead thankfully but sometimes death is salvation for some. Enough with this stuff though. We are here to talk videogames, right? So, yesterday I had the chance to visits Game On 2.0 in Athens.

It was an awesome journey through the history of videogames. We got to see some rare stuff that we thought they were lost through time. We got to play old hits from Arcades and Atari 2600 to Halo 3 and Kinect sports. It was pure magic and I have photos to prove it!

Computer space! That's right fellas, they got TWO OF THEM with different panels. I never imagined I could get close to one and see it in personal. Really.

This cabinet is a piece of art. It makes you worry why people keep tredmills and ugly excersise stuff in their living rooms instead of getting arcade cabinets?

A Nintendo pong console? Oh don't act surprised... Head over to Bit Museum and see the guys playing that thing!

Magnavox oddysey. It sucked. But it's officially the first domestic gaming console.

A ZX Spectrum with some sort of contruption to play ROMS. I guess it doesn't count as piracy since all the tapes must have been demagnetized by now...

It's a fucking Famicom.

A Dreamcast Hello Kitty edition running Soul Calibur. Is it awesome or just wrong? (tell me in the comments :P)

This is the most sexist pinball table ever.

Planet of Zoom? Who goes there? :P

The original Pacman cabinet. Some of your daddys had their first WAKAWAKAWAKAs on one of those.

Remember the time when Mario was called Jumpman and was a carpenter? Me neither. I wasn't born yet. But, I have played the game in it's pure original form and here's the proof!

Isn't it beautiful? Just that cabinet... I want it... so much... (the Empire Strikes Back game with vector graphics is also one of the gratest Star Wars games ever!)

Concept art from... Donkey Kong! wow. They really kept those...

Part from the non-playable collection they had. Sadly we didn't get to play PCE portable or Sega Nomad. They also had some cartridges cracked open for us to see.

Well, that's all folks. My camera decided to die at that point because it's crappy.

They also had some rare stuff like the Super Mario All Stars + World playable, Tomb Raider, the 10-player Bomberman for Sega Saturn, a ton of Atari games and controllers, Nintendo's arcade versions of Super Mario Bros. and Excitebike, Super smash Bros Brawl, Game and Watch, Wii games, PS2 games, Sony Move, Kinect, Rockband and some silly virtual reality sphere that didn't make sense. It was truely a shame that they didn't have any arcade (besides Daytona USA) or at least a DDR machine.

Most important, despite of all the family difficulties, I smiled. I felt happy after many days of gloom. I snapped out of it. I laughed with my friends. I played like a child that found out its long-lost toys. I found out how much I love video games and the importance to have true friends.

So, I think I need to recollect and start anew, building up that games collection I'm dreaming....

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