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Marioland avatar 4:56 PM on 04.27.2010  (server time)
A message to Anthony

I am not really good to whatever this cblog post might be: a message, a confession or simply a note to a person that I know only from reading his texts and watching his crazy videos.

It's not one hour ago when I opened up the site and see that smiling strawberry with the vibrant yellow "yes" slapped all over the site, puzzling me for what marketing fad this may be. I had to scroll down to see Anthony's goodbye post, reading it until the end causing my eyes water a bit and see the conclusion to find out what's going on.

All I want to say to Anthony is "thank you" with all my heart. He, along with Jim Sterling, has impacted me not only as a gamer that got informed by his posts, but as a person from the ground up, giving me that essential ideas for my brain to process and enchanting my views and perceptions over our much loved industry of videogames.

Realizing my dream - being a gaming journalist at my country- all my editorials tend to have that Burtch essence because I got affected by his views. I didn't copy him though - it's impossible! But he gave me all the material to process and make out my own views on the industry and communicate them to the readers of Greece. In his own conscience, I loved the indie gaming scene, a scene yet untouched by the majority of the press here.

So, I look forward for Anthony, to take his ideas for games that go deep in our minds and souls while they are awesome at the same time, while I feel that an essential element of my everyday life - essentially Anthony's writings- are going to be so missed from our dearly beloved Destructoid.

So, dear Anthony Burtch. Best wishes for your new life as a member of Gearbox and as a Husband. I'll still follow you from afar, but this time through the games that have your name in their credits. I salute you as one of my personal best videogame journalists and I really wish I would meet you in personal one day. I would also like to send you a gift for your wedding but, there's not much gaming things that a guy that used to work in the biggest gaming sites don't have.

BTW if you ever DARE to visit Greece (honeymoon in a scenic Greek island maybe?), please contact me.

You rule!

P.S. Please make a last episode of HAWP with your crazy sister acting unfittingly during your wedding :P
I can't stop thinking of her face stuffed with wedding cupcakes :P

p.s.2 I am currently playing Sleep is Death for review. It's kinda hard to be the storyteller

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