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Mari Monzo
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Mini Collection Update: More to Come

Holy crap! It's been forever since I updated my C-blog. Well, now's a good a time as any, I suppose. :D I'm going to start off with a small Collection Update. Starting from the top, left to right, we've got the Nintendo Fam...


Megacon 09: Japanese Gameboy Games!

Hey there, cbloggers. Another con, another haul. This time, it's a rather small haul, though. But I still managed to pick up some interesting things nonetheless. I picked up several Japanese Gameboy games. From left to ri...


8 Things You Didn't Know About VGMari

1) My first ever console was actually an NES. Unfortunately, the one we bought was broken out of the box. Instead of returning it for a new one, my mom asked for her money back and I was consoless. On that day I swore I'd o...


My Haul 1-18-2009: Sega Gear FTW

After we parted ways on Sunday with Niero, Colette and Rey we hit up several used video game stores. Upon arriving to the first I find several fucking EPIC things. When I got to the first, I dashed towards the Dreamcast s...


About Mari Monzoone of us since 6:07 PM on 11.24.2008

I'm a weeaboo Community Manager video game nerd and I'm a huge video game hardware collector. My goal is to someday own every console ever made and have one of the world's largest console museums. (One day when I'm, like, 80)

I love Japanese video games and most of all my favorite games are Japanese. I grew up on Sonic and Sega and idolize Segata Sanshiro and recognize his epic greatness.

I'm used to be co-chairman for the Miami video game convention Infinite Bits at the Doubletree Miami Mart Hotel and Convention Center on October 23-25 2009.


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