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11:37 PM on 05.12.2012

Jak 4?

at this years e3 the only thing i want to see is Naughty Dog announcing Jak and Dexter 4. it has been a long time like at least 2004 or 5 i think. i thought sense the Jak and Dexter collection came out we'd hear some rumors but nothing has come up. it seems like ND has all but forgotten about this series and is focusing on more main stream titles like uncharted. i understood when they went from Crash Bandicoot to Jak and Dexter, which was an improvement in my opinion, but Jak to uncharted i don't understand. don't get me wrong i love uncharted but i just doesn't have the same nostalgic love that the Jak series has. up till this point they haven't made any games i didn't like. they've made a couple I'm like "meh" about namely the crash series but they haven't any games that stab their franchises in the back or do them injustices.

i know some of you smartasses are going to say
"um ,well, actually Jak 4 already came out it was called the lost frontier" *in an annoying dorky voice*
and what i have to say to that is
"NO, NO, NO, THAT'S NOT A SEQUEL" that is not a sequel in the same way Jak X:Combat Racing and Dexter are not sequels, they're spinoffs. also Jak:TLF was made by high impact not Naughty Dog
which disqualifies it completely in my book.

so basically if Naughty Dog doesn't announce the anything Jak and Dexter related I'm going to be kinda sad.   read

11:08 AM on 03.15.2012

ME3 endings

the only problem i have with the endings is that in all 3 endings you destroy the mass relays and in doing so you screw over the entire galaxy. i mean think about it all the fleets are stuck orbiting earth and will eventually be forced to land on earth. if they do the earth will not be able to sustain all the new aliens because the ground has been scorched by the reapers and what little fertile grounds that are left won't be able to produce enough crops and/or live stock to sustain the new numbers of populaces on earth. which means a lot of humans and aliens will go hungry and they can't get help from other planets because the mass relays are destroyed. even if they do call for help it will take them a long time for them to get there and by that time at least half the population will have died from starvation or lack of supplies. also all of this will more then likely happen to other planets until the population of all the worlds gets whittled down to a manageable number that the farmers can supply.
this isn't even in including the aliens stuck on planets that are not theirs like the Krogan, what do you think is going to happen to the few Krogan still fighting on the Turian home world i mean until like the middle-ish of the game the Krogans hated the Turians. or what about the Quarian you freed their home world from the Geth but now the Quarian fleet is stuck orbiting earth which will likely start a conflict between humans and Quarian.
so in conclusion i think the endings themselves are kind of mah to horrible it's just the nit-picky-ness of the destroying the mass relays that doesn't make any logical sense to me i mean couldn't they do the same thing without exploding into a billion little peaces? admittedly i maybe missing the point of the ending be it some philosophical or religious meaning be hind the endings but as of now i really don't understand   read

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