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Three Lives of Rust

As we all know, there's an article on the front page about Rust, a game in early access on Steam made by Facepunch Studios-or perhaps more recognizably-Garry Newman, creator of Garry's Mod. I saw a lot of people express confusion over why someone would want to buy a game that is incomplete. I myself expressed concern over the amount of trust we can place in Garry Newman, whose resume consists of Garry's Mod and not but Garry's Mod, as far as I know.

Well, as I also commented, my brother decided to pick the game up. I did not think his purchase was exactly rational (he told me he bought it just because Garry Newman made it), but what's done is done, and he can spend his money as he sees fit.

That said, I felt it was my duty to play the game and document my adventures, giving you guys an idea of what it's like. I ultimately decided that I would play the game until I died three times. I would write up this blog immediately afterwards, and I did. So, without further ado, let us dive into something I can only call something stupid, like: The Rust Files.

I awoke to find myself in a grassy field, underneath a star-filled sky. Beautiful, in its own way. Serene. That is, until I noticed the shirtless man standing near a small building a bit of a ways in front of me (you can see him in this picture).

I attempted to make contact with him. He appeared to be smashing a rock into a tree. Understandable. That's usually what we do with those things. Then I saw his hands completely disappear into the tree as he swung the rock. I figured I had best leave him be.

As I walked away, I met another young fellow by the name of Typefragger! I stared at him. He stared back at me. I stared at him. He stared back at me. I stared at him. He stared into my soul. I think I felt the faint glimmer of a true bond for a moment, there. Either that, or he was coming on to me. He ran away, so I never got to find out.

I wandered around the field for a bit, wondering what I should do, when I saw light shimmering over the tops of the mountains in the distance. I took this as a sign. I would be the first one to reach Nirvana. Either that, or it was the game telling me to get off my ass because it's nearly daytime. I decided to head down a nearby road and follow it wherever it went.

In the light of the early morning, I saw a campfire off the side of the road, still burning. Seeking some sort of human contact, I walked over to it. In the distance, what I assumed to be Rust's equivalent of Bruce Wayne's Manor stood tall against the horizon. I wanted to climb it to get my bearings, but I noticed that my health was rapidly decreasing. I was hungry. Imagine that.

I headed towards a nearby town. I saw a deer standing around doing not much of anything, so I brandished my rock and ran after it. It ran into the town. Literally. It ran straight through the rock wall that surrounded the town. I ran inside, but my time was growing short. My rads were off the charts while in the town (what) and my health was low. I found a player and begged him for food. He ran off for a moment, but seemed to reconsider and came back. He tossed me two bags with two cans of tuna in them each. How thoughtful! There truly are some good people in the world. I survived.

But for how long? As soon as I stepped out of the town, I met two players. They seemed to be harmless at first. They muttered something and walked off. I went to follow them, but this was a mistake. They surrounded me, debating whether or not to kill me. I shit you not, what happened next felt like it was scripted, but it happened. A man in a coat came up from behind them, brandishing a hatchet. They turned right as he was on them and they bolted like bats out of hell. The man caught one and killed them, the other screaming "It's the hatchet man!" I tried to snap a picture for my album, but alas, he killed me right after the first man.

I respawned, reborn anew. It had once again become nighttime. It was pitch black. Only my torch would dispel the darkness surrounding me. But hanging in the sky was the moon, shining like a beacon. I decided to head towards it, because I had nothing better to do.

As morning approached, I found myself at the edge of the ocean. The ocean was flat, the horizon one straight, horizontal line. At the edge of the ocean stood a tower. I went to climb up it, but the door leading into the tower was locked. I decided to follow the coastline. I climbed some rocks, fell off of them, broke my leg, and died.

I woke in a field, once more. There was no one around, as usual. Kind of odd, considering the server had over 1000 people on it. You'd think you would see them more often. I did see a pig. Knowing that food would be a big help, I killed it. Then, that dreadful message popped up. "Hatchet to gather". I had no hatchet. I knew you could craft one with wood and some crap, but that's boring. Time to move on.

I came across a house after wandering down a road, a bit. There was someone on top of the house. A thief, perhaps? I hailed him, but he did not respond. I decided to climb to the top of the house to get his attention, but as I drew close, I heard the unmistakable moans of a zombie. You heard me. A zombie. I didn't know I was playing DayZ. I moved on, not bothering to waste my time.

I moved on down the road and somewhere along the lines caught the attention of a black wolf. I sprinted down the road, intending to outrun it. I ran past another player, who upon seeing the wolf, began to run alongside me. We ran up the road to find two small shacks alongside the road and two other players. We looked back, and the wolf was still following us. Once the other two players saw it, they began to attack. The player who had run alongside me joined in, and not one to miss out on the fun, I did, too.

We ran all over the place, trying to hit it as it erratically shifted its focus between the four of us. We accidentally hit each other a few times, but we eventually took it down. I watched as two of the players used their hatchets to magically make the corpse disappear. Wowzers. My work there finished, I moved on. I came across a man wearing a face covering of some sort who immediately hatcheted me to death.

Now for some ending notes.

Playing Rust wasn't all that bad. Still, It's not a game I would play regularly, myself. It had a few memorable moments, but only a few in the two hours that I played. That's a lot of filler to get to the good stuff. Even then, it's just early access. Who knows how much will change between now and the actual release? Who knows how the experience will change? Only time will tell.

And with that, I'm beat. Thanks for reading. Time for sleep.
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