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REVERSAL! How DmC Made Me Want to Play DMC/Why DMC Fans Should Give DmC a Chance


Disclaimer: I refer in this article a lot to Devil May Cry fans with a negative connotation. When I refer to them, I'm only referring to the ones whining about DmC. Not necessarily you (if you're a fan). Now that that's out of the way...

We all know the tragic ballad that is DmC: Devil May Cry. The hair change. The new developer. The outpouring of fans that have forever cursed the developer's name and basically burned the game at the stake in anger and frustration, hot tears flowing down their faces and mucus streaming from their nostrils. Many fans felt betrayed. They felt like their expectations had been totally ignored and the game was not worthy of the Devil May Cry title. They felt that their only logical course of action was to take to websites like Metacritic and to other forums and chat rooms and verbally abuse DmC until it was reduced to nothing.

But no one cares. They can whine all they want about how the Devil May Cry reboot isn't exactly the same as the previous entries in the series. Most will just ignore them. That's not to say that I haven't done the exact same in the past. I've vocally expressed my hate for the changes made in regards to Dead Space 3, in the past. But I realized I was wrong to do that. Yeah, maybe it's different. But it's still a part of the Dead Space series. If I were to only play Dead Space 3, I would still have an idea of what Dead Space 1 and 2 are like. I don't have to play the game to know that. The same is true for DmC.

That's not what this article is about, though. I'm going back to Devil May Cry fans. They played the original Devil May Cry games, and naturally, they wanted another, right? Then DmC came around and, like I said, they basically shouted 'blasphemy' and beat it within an inch of its life. For me, it's the opposite.

I saw DmC and that made me want to play the originals. Take that, you grouchy fans, you.

Here's a little backstory before I start regarding my experience with Devil May Cry before seeing DmC. My experience was limited to the first Devil May Cry. My dad picked it up one day for my birthday or something when I was younger. I had heard of it before, but never seen it in action. Long story short, I never made it past the first boss. That sums up my experience firsthand, but not all of my experience. I have watched some streams of Devil May Cry games, so it's not like I don't know what they're all about. But even then, I didn't really feel like playing the Devil May Cry games. I didn't really care about them. Needless to say, DmC changed that.

Fast forward to a few days ago. DmC was within my grasp. I took a chance and dove in. And I was mesmerized. First, I'll go through some of the things I'd chance to guess you won't see in the earlier Devil May Cry's that I liked. The first, of course, being the modernized feeling. The obvious example being the Fox News-oh, uh, excuse me-Raptor Network boss, Bill O'Reilly-oh, I mean-...yeah, let's go with Bill O'Reilly. I also clearly recall there being a website in the game very similar to Twitter, with a few terms changed to avoid lawsuits, of course. These are just a few examples of the modern feel that added to the fun of DmC and made it feel fresh and different. I mean, sure, we have games that take place in modern times, but none that do it quite like DmC.

Now, let's quickly go over the similarities between DmC and Devil May Cry that make me want to play Devil May Cry.

First and foremost is the gameplay. It's impossible to miss Dante's signature weapons, his sword and his pistols. And on top of that, it's impossible to pass over the emphasis on fighting and racking up combos. Combos are a big part of both Devil May Cry and DmC. You string together moves and various techniques to get better combos and to up your combo rank (or whatever you want to call it). You have to have some skill to hit the highest rank, and really diversify your fighting style. Of course, this is one of the big things fans complain about, because it's a lot easier to hit the highest rank (SSS) in DmC than in Devil May Cry. I'll come back to this later.

There are two other things that really stand out for me. Those things being Dante himself and the whole tone of the games. In both Devil May Cry and DmC, Dante is a badass. No question about it. He recklessly jumps straight into whatever battle faces him with only one plan in mind: kick his enemy's ass. Not only that, but his whole appearance just screams 'badass'. Both in DmC and in Devil May Cry. Admittedly, his newer self has lost the white, longer hair and the long coat that fans love so much, but he's still a badass. Just play DmC and you'll see it in his personality and his actions. And, hey, like me, you might just warm up to his new appearance.

The last thing is the tone. Both DmC and Devil May Cry are just over the top. You can see it in DmC through the boss battles, Dante's badassery, and the whole feel of the game. You can see it in the original Devil May Cry games right from the opening cutscene of the first game when Trish crashes into Dante's room on her motorcycle. It speaks for itself.

All of these similarities have made me realize, the old Devil May Cry games are very similar to DmC and vice versa.. Sure, the developer might have changed. The game is more modern. It's a new Dante. It's a new world. That's what it is. A reboot. But at its core, it's still Devil May Cry.

You've still got your sword. You've still got your pistols. You're still Dante. Vergil's there. There are combos. There are plenty of difficulties to choose from. Sure, maybe it's not as hard as the originals, but is that really something to get so worked up about? They still have a variety of options open to you, and they really do try to mix it up and give you plenty to work with. And maybe it's easier to hit up higher combos, but that's good for someone who's new to the series and isn't a master like all the fans who are too busy crying about the game to actually give it a chance.
For the first outing into Devil May Cry by Ninja Theory it's a very good attempt at delivering something that's Devil May Cry at its core while still being differentiable from the originals.

So, I will go out and buy the Devil May Cry HD collection, along with Devil May Cry 4. And I will play them, knowing full well what to expect. I encourage those fans who have given DmC poor reviews to give it a chance, too. Don't keep comparing it to the original. You can point out similarities, sure, but you have to realize that while DmC is at its core a Devil May Cry game, it's its own thing in order to enjoy it. You have to throw away the chains shackling you to Devil May Cry 1-4 and explore a little. Give the new Dante a chance!

I challenge you, fans of Devil May Cry!

Expand your horizons!
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