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PAX Avatar Adoption: ME + MEW = PURR


Well, howdee, pardner. Nam's Marche100. Been here on Destructoyd nary two, three years. Just joined the forwems the other day, doe. I'm sheruff 'round these parts. The cat's meow. The cow's moo. The dog's glabella. Just look into my kute little cat eyes and at my purrty littl hat and at my fearsome claws. I'll paws a minute so you can doo that.


You good? Do you see my pawsome pawer yet? No?


OK. Were good. I'm going to drop this purrfect act with the cute widdle puns and misspelled words and shock you all with a bite of information I've been holding back.

I'm not actually a sheriff. There, I said it.

Shit. My master plan exposed.

Now that all that business is out of the way, I'd like to ask one of you to adopt my avatar. This is a big undertaking, so I'm going to give you a bit of information. First of all, I know some of you might notice that I don't have my wonderful Rayman Origins avatar that I always have. Well, I changed it, because I've made a lot of avatars over the years, and I honestly have no idea of why I haven't bothered to change it sooner. So, just for this occasion (and my stay here, thereafter), I've decided to change it to an avatar I feel strongly about.

Maybe now you can see my "new new" avatar.

But before I show you my avatar, time to tell me a bit about why I'm asking you guys to do this for me, despite the fact that you can already see my avatar in the little avatar icon thing next to my name, so my pretending that you haven't seen it yet is pointless.

I'm just a poor farmhand from a small village out in the middle of the Caribbean Bay (which lay in the midst of the Caribbean Ocean, which in itself lay smack dab on top of the Caribbean Sea). Though they say that one day a hero will arise from our lowly, worthless ranks and save Princess Xelphnor from the Pirate Ninja Hippo threat, led by Supreme Ultimate Badass General Generic Call of Duty General, I still have to go to college. I'm about to enter my first year.

This is the last known photo of Supreme Ultimate Badass General Generic Call of Duty General. Apparently, he was fired and replaced a year later. And that guy a year after that! And so on! How stupid.

So, because I'm entering my first year of college, not only do I have classes that need attending, but I don't have the money to go to PAX. Heck, I don't think I have a job in the first place that pays the kind of money I'd need to go to PAX. But still, it's my dream to go to a gaming convention some day, and at least if I can't go physically, help me out by letting me go in spirit.

It's not just that, though. I love Destructoid. That's no question. I think it's the greatest website on the planet, and I love the community here. It's not just my dream to go to a gaming convention some day, it's to go there with the community I love. To meet people from Dtoid in person. To talk. To laugh. To experience. It would be an honor to be allowed to share the experience with fellow Dtoiders, even if it's just through my avatar.

I believe in you, my fellow Dtoiders with this task. So, believe in me! Believe in the Marche that believes in you! For my avatar will be the avatar that pierces the PAX convention walls!

So, I know that you guys can do this. For me. For Marche. The guy you probably have never even seen around here, but has seen you. The guy who would take a bullet for you. The guy who would give his life for you. The guy who would lend you his copy of SMTIV for a few days.

So, without further ado, I will present to you, my avatar.




Introducing Marche's avatar!

This sleek, fine baby features a character from Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers known as Spooky, who leads the group of hackers known as the Spookies. He's a smart guy and a true leader, who is selfless and cares for the members of his group not just as partners, but as dear friends. And needless to say, he's a skilled hacker (you don't form a hacking group unless you got some skill). HE IS. AWESOME.

So, I'm going to just leave a fresh copy of the avatar here, and I'll just say that it would make me very happy, and I would be honored to have one of you carry me into PAX through this avatar I made.



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