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A Magical Journey Through Marche's Drawings

My fellow Destructoidians, I come before you today to present the stockpile of drawings that I have created over the years. I figure you guys must like looking at art. Gather round, take a seat. I have every single drawing that's normally hung on my wall all ready to go, here. It goes as far back as 2009. Phew. This blog also gives me an excuse to change the tape on the back of the drawings that holds them to the wall, so even if you don't care about my drawings, there's always that.

A word on my drawings before I begin. I am not an original artist, exactly. I would never be able to draw these things off the top of my head. No, for fun, I like to replicate other art. But, I make a point to never trace. That's no fun. Why hang something on my wall that I put no effort into? I do this stuff freehand. A few of these drawings have taken me upwards of weeks to draw, so I'd say that's plenty of effort right there. They might not be my original designs, but I drew these instances of the designs, and I'm proud of them.

Also, for the heck of it, I'm going to put in some notes and fun facts about the drawings. I'll give them a nice little title, too, and put them in periods. I'm that bored, right now. Humor me. I also recommend listening to some calming music while you read. It gives this blog a sort of art gallery feel, I think, and it's quite relaxing.

THE EARLY PERIOD (November 2009-June 2011)

This period involves my earliest works, when I was scrambling to see if I could even draw anything half-decent, in the first place. Not a very productive period, but everybody has to start somewhere.

Title: The Insane Mathematician
Origin: The World Ends With You
Notes: Ah, my very first drawing. I made this one off of the sprite art in The World Ends With You. Honestly, seeing as this was my first work of such a kind, I was not sure that I could pull this off. I think it turned out pretty well, in the end. I remember that his eyes were the hardest thing to draw. No idea why. I just couldn't get them right for the longest time.

Title: The Sun Goddess
Origin: Okami
Notes: I drew this one during a very emotional time in my life. I had learned that I had epilepsy a few months back, and I had quite a few fits during the month I drew this. Emotions were high, to say the least. Honestly, I'm shocked to this day that it turned out so well. As far as I can remember, it didn't take me long to draw, and everything seemed to fit together on my first go. If only every drawing were so easy.

Title: La Espada Que no Tiene un Corazón
Origin: Bleach
Notes: A decent attempt, to say the least. The final product doesn't really look like Ulquiorra. I screwed up his face, and that sword blade is far from straight. I haven't read Bleach in quite some time, but Ulquiorra was always my favorite antagonist. I actually drew this off of a still frame from the anime. Also one of my only attempts to do some shading in my drawings. Shading is a pain in the butt.

THE DECENT PERIOD (June 2011-November 2011)

I started feeling a bit more confident in my work around this time. Ironically, despite my increasing skills, this period contains my simplest works of all. Still, it bridged the way into quite possibly the greatest period of my work, so I have to acknowledge that. These works are decent, but they could have done with some more complexity.

Title: The Necromorph Slayer
Notes: This one is so simple it hurts. It still took me some time to do, but gosh, I should have stepped up to the plate with a more complicated picture of Isaac. This is actually drawn off of a stencil design. Totally weird, huh? It's not every day that you freehand a stencil design. Heck, I haven't seen a stencil in years. I digress. Dead Space 2 had some truly awesome box art. The stencil design came from there.

Title: The Brave Little Toaster
Notes: This is embarrassingly simple. This took like 10 minutes. And yet, I still managed to screw up his eyes. Unbelievable. If you're wondering what that little pixel art up in the corner is doing, I thought that it would spruce up this simple drawing and look cool if I included a shot of Balrog's actual sprite art alongside the drawing. Meh. Doesn't really help.

Notes: This is obviously the best work out of this period. It actually looks like it took some effort. Originally, I was going to draw more of the bosses from the Binding of Isaac in a circle around Isaac, but I felt like it would get too cramped if I did. I was probably wise in backing-off, there. It looks nice as it stands. I especially like the little shading I did on Peep's urine puddle and Isaac's puddle of tears. It's like the perfect transition from light to dark.

THE PRODUCTIVE PERIOD (December 2011-August 2012)

This was a good period. I cranked out quite a few drawings in under a year's time. I have what I consider to be some really fantastic ones compared to the others I've shown thus far, too. So, I'll just get on with it. Lots to see.

Title: The Fullmetal Alchemist
Notes: To this day, this stands as one of my favorite drawings. I drew it while I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and my passion for it really shows, I think, especially in how much care I took to make his hand look nice and pretty. Something about his eyes always bugs me, though. I don't know what. They're level, but the right one seems out of place, a bit. I'm nitpicking, though. If you're curious, it's made off of the cover for the series' first DVD/Blu-ray release.

Title: B.O.X's Downfall
Notes: I was on a roll with good effort. Like the Fullmetal Alchemist drawing, this remains one of my favorite drawings I've ever made. I made it off of a work I found on Deviantart, and I was happy that I found it. The B.O.X Security Robot fight is one of the most memorable sequences in Metroid Fusion, and it felt good to capture it on paper in such a dramatic moment.

Title: The Big-Ass Drawing
Notes: Ugh, was this ever a pain to draw. For a time, I was enchanted by Homestuck, and so I drew the trolls. It's always the trolls. I'm not a fan, anymore, but I have to admit that I like this drawing for how much effort it took and how it actually turned out pretty well. For how complex it was, I thought I would have at least screwed up a few of the trolls, but they all turned out okay. Part of the pain of this drawing was how long it took. It took weeks, and then once I finished actually drawing it, it took me even longer to work up the will to color it in. If you're curious, this was also made off of a work I found on Deviantart.

Title: The Coffee-Maniac
Notes: Who doesn't love Godot? Seriously. This one was pretty cut and dry. No major issues in drawing it. Nothing really to talk about with this one, either. I was playing Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations when I drew it. That's pretty much it.

Title: The Mad Scientist
Notes: Yeah, so I was into Soul Eater for a while. Watched the entire show and all that. Dr. Stein is pretty well my favorite character on the show, so of course I just had to draw him. Kind of disappointing how plain his clothing is. That's what I always think about when I look at this. I guess that's a lab coat for you, though.

Title: Death's Embrace
Notes: Hey, lookie there! It's Mr. Destructoid's head! Yeah, I drew this for Destructoid's Darksiders II contest back in August of last year. I didn't win anything, though. Ironically, I won a different contest for a copy of Darksiders II where I basically retweeted something to enter the contest. The lesson here is do the thing that takes the least amount of effort and you'll come away a winner. (I'm joking, of course.)

THE FUTURE PERIOD (March 2013-present)

This period only contains two drawings. One I did back in March and one I just finished like two hours ago. These are the most recent drawings I've done, and I think both are fairly good, although the first has some problems that I'll talk about in a bit.

Title: The Fog of Disaster
Notes: This drawing was a disaster. You can kind of see why just by looking at it. It's not that the drawing itself is bad, but what I did with it kind of screwed things over. It has some VERY thin lines in pencil. I always go over my drawings in pencil twice to darken the lines. That proved to be difficult, here. So, I thought "hey, maybe I can use a fine-tip pen to do the job". Ha. Ha. Ha...*sob* Wrong. The ink smeared everywhere and laid on way thicker than I thought it would. It's a miracle that I managed to clean it up as much as it is, now. That's not the only disaster this drawing faced, though. It got ripped clean in half. By me. In frustration after the pen incident. Yeah, I was pretty upset. I managed to tape it back together pretty well, but it will never look the same. Lesson learned, pens are the bane of my existence. Other than that, this drawing looks pretty good. It's actually a mash up of two designs. The playable characters on the right come from a piece of concept art. Adachi, on the left, comes from some totally different work that I found online. Kind of interesting how their designs compare within this drawing.

Title: The Other Mad Scientist
Notes: If you've been anywhere around the forums lately, you know that I've fallen head over heels for Steins;Gate, an anime series I just recently finished watching. Well, it fired me up into a drawing mood, which I haven't been in since March (if that isn't obvious enough from the date of the Persona 4 drawing). So, I drew the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe. It turned out really well, I think. His hair was a pain to draw. In the picture I drew this off of, you could just BARELY make out the lines in his hair, since his hair was so black. Other than that, this one went really smoothly, which is good.


So, what now, you may ask? Well, I'm still in quite a drawing mood, here, so I'm geared up and ready to get going on some more drawings, tomorrow (or I guess that would be today, since it's 4:14 in the morning, right now). My plan currently is as follows: to draw more Steins;Gate characters, so I can have a sort of "series" of drawings going, which I think would be kind of cool. After that, I'm thinking of trying some Samurai Champloo drawings.

So, that covers all of my drawings. I hope you enjoyed, because I sure enjoy drawing them and walking in to see them hanging on my wall. I guess if you want to see some of my future drawings, just say so, and I'll be happy to show them. Other than that, I guess I'm done, here. Time to get out the masking tape and hang these bad boys back up.
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