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Marc Paris's blog

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Marc Paris avatar 10:54 AM on 07.13.2011  (server time)
Another new intern saying "What up Players?" - Marc Paris

Whats going on my Destructoid peeps? I thought it'd be nice if I (finally) introduced myself to all you awesome Destructoid users. My names Marc Paris, you can call me MP, or Paris, but for some reason people always like to address me by my full name. I guess people think its fun. Anyways, I've been a lurker on destructoid for years now and have always enjoyed the vast and varied opinions of this vocal community. I was a huge fan of Rev's Rants and I've been glued to the site ever since. I happen to be lucky enough to live just outside of S.F. and jumped at the opportunity to be an intern for my favorite gaming site.

My epic fight with Wolverine at Wonder Con

So lets get to the fun stuff already! I'm a massive geek, I've been gaming since I was 3. I was rocking the old Atari 2600, playing Ms.Pac Man and Pole Position. Back then we only needed a joystick and one button! I remember getting the NES when I was five and falling head over heels in love with the original Zelda. I mean it had a freaking golden case! After that Ive gotten at least one system for every generation that followed. The hardest jump for me was from the golden 16-bit era to the 3-D based 32-bit systems. I was (and still am) in love with sprite based games and I didn't like how early 3-D polygon games were looking. It wasn't in till FF VII, Resident Evil (have a man crush on Barry Burton) and Parappa that I was completely sold on the Playstation. Although I was always very drawn to the Saturn, it was just a small step behind the PSX, for me at least. From there it was Dreamcast -> PS2 -> early Wii adopter -> XBOX 360 -> PS3. Don't worry, I eventually sold (something I rarely ever do) my Wii to get the PS3, in what was one of the best decisions I've ever made. So yeah, I loving gaming.

DJ Mark with a "K" (see what i did there, I'm so clever) holding down the ones and twos!

While I was in college at CSUS (Sacramento State) I had the honor to host my own radio show for the coolest college run radio station, KSSU (very much like the Destructoid of the gaming community, only the cool kids go to it). I hosted two video game related shows "Pwned" and "Bloody Pixels" where I would discuss all the latest gaming news and play the dopest chiptune/gaming music. It was a blast!

Me with his Royal Herbness Herb Dean!

I'm also a massive MMA fan (a.k.a that UFC stuff). I don't know how we did it but one of my KSSU peeps (he goes by Zorak, not joke, that's how he introduces himself to people) would get us Media Creds to cover Strikeforce events for our MMA radio show. It was like being a kid in a candy store. I'm hoping to have more of those moments with Destructoid where I get to play and interview people in the industry that I've been looking up to for years.

I take it seriously!

Well that seems like enough for now. I'm hoping to providing some video content for the site and if everything works out you might be seeing some videos with me soonish, maybe. You can check out a video I did for Destructoid when they were looking for people to do the revision3 show. Anyways, totally feel free to befriend me on facebook or 360 (gamertag: KSSU MARK) or PS3 (MMA_fan85 this one is lame, i know). I'd love to get to know everyone here as well so please leave comments and we can get to know eachother and junk.

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