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Marasune 's blog
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What is Marasune? You see this name around but you may not really know.

Hello and Welcome. There is a time in the universe, a sacred time, the alignment of planets time, if you will, where one says to himself "Today I shall take advantage of Destructoids Blogging features."

And so he does my friends. And as his first entree, his first delicious course of flavour-filled bite size tater-tots of insta-gasming goodness, he brings to you things said which only I can say.

Why would one even considering this fresh piece of meat, this raw fleshy gooey substance which sits upon your blue speckled paper plate and green plastic cutlery to go along?

Is he trying to sell you cheap tricks, or rather, cheap cutlery?

Is Marasune just Meat & Potato's?

No sirs and or madams. He is not. hes just a small town girl. livin' in a lonely world.

However in this tale, the person is not the same as the persona.

With that, I cordially invite you to experience "Marasune" as you are doing right. freaking. now.

Marasune is an exceptionally sharp Katana.

Marasune is a DJ. DJ Marasune. Git it?

Marasune is an player of Acoustic Guitar.

Marasune is the Rocker of Drums.

Marasune is a Gamer.

Marasune is a good Samaritan.

Marasune is an Analyst

Marasune is a Detail

Marasune is Discipline

Marasune is A Jack of all trades. & King of Spades. And Ace of Hearts.

Marasune can even be the whole god-damn deck. Minus the Jokers. Heath ledger sadness.

Marasune is not afraid. herp derp.

Marasune is the Punctuality, the first impression and the flowers your new date is holding.

Marasune is generally summed up as amazing.

With more to add, Marasune is what happens when you bundle years of shelterhood, gaming, intense experiances and a backbone with an exceptionally sharp tongue and stays well informed. To know Marasune is to know what you are when you find your identity. You stick to your persona because it is you. You've attained it. It's the Nickname you give yourself not because your friends are calling you it, but because your far more evolved into it that you ever even realized.

Things I am not:




Ignorant: Have you ever heard Micheal Jackson say "Don't be ignorant!" Well he said it to me. I have never been ignorant since this fish-slap-face moment.

Marasune's dream: To make 1:1 exact replica's of all of Aurons swords through manufacturing them by myself. Then encase them and let them rot for the next generation.

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