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Mar Vell avatar 1:53 AM on 03.23.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Didn't Know About Mar Vell

I think I should introduce myself and Tubatic suggested that I do a 10 things blog. Here goes...

10 - I was raised in a very strict southern baptist home. I went to Christian schools up until 10th grade. They never gave me a chance to express myself in any secular way or to even entertain the notion that Christianity wasn't for me. My dad has never been proud of anything I've done because he says that I am "operating outside the Lords Will" for me.

9 - I am a pacifist. I believe that any situation can be dissolved without physical conflict. I am against any and all violent military action, especially the police action of the American government recently. Every problem that arises between two parties has a logical beginning and a logical end, and it is up to the two parties to find that end through peaceful negotiations and compromise.

8 - I live with (and am engaged to) a wonderful and beautiful girl named Felicia. Felicia is not a gamer but she watches me play pretty much everything that I play and even shed a tear at the ending of Bioshock. I'm trying to influence her in the wonderful ways of gaming but so far all she really like to play is Dark Cloud. It's a start, I guess.

7 - I am not ashamed to say that I love Japanese visual novels (especially the dirty kind). 'Nuff said.

6 - I write and preform my own music under the name of This Pyramid. I am currently in the process of recording an EP tentatively titled Self Medication. If I had to describe the style of music that I play, I'd have to call it Piano Pop or maybe Piano Rock (kind of like Billy Joel with a little bit of a Daniel Johnston ).

5 - One of the best times I've had gaming would have to be the couple months I spent with my Socom clan CO back when the game first came out. I remember thinking, "Holy crap, you can talk with your friends on a headset! That is so awesome. Those guys became somewhat of an extended family in a particularly trying time in my life. My handle was [CO]Dracula...goddess I miss those times.

4 - I want to be a writer. I know that a lot of people may have the same aspiration, but their really isn't anything else in my life that I actually enjoy doing. Except right now I'm kind of at a writer's block.

3 - Video games help me to work out a lot of the pent up emotions that I can't let out naturally. Sometimes, this leads to me locking myself in a room alone for days, but we do what we have to. Right?

2 - The first time that I say David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. the experience was so jarring to my psyche that I couldn't vocalize my confusion or astonishment for about an hour, and when I finally could talk again all I could say was "Wow..."

1 - I have always had problems connecting to others emotionally. There is a wall of sorts that I have built up or maybe it was always there, I don't know. When I feel an emotion, my brain knows what it is but my heart doesn't connect to it automatically. I have to make my body react to the emotion in the appropriate way, but even then sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes it really scares me.

Well that's about it. And my real name is Josh.

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Mar Vell

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