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Manic Maverick avatar 9:15 PM on 08.12.2010  (server time)
Tasty Chips!: New Caves (Brother Android Cover)

As you can tell, I finished and beat Hero Core the other day. It's an amazing game, done by Daniel Remar who is the same guy behind Iji (which I still haven't gotten around to playing). The music in the game (done by Brother Android) was amazing and brought me back to the first time I played Metroid so many years ago. It's dark, eerie, and definitely gets your blood moving. The song that popped out at me the most was New Caves, which got me headbanging while flying through the amazing bullet hell that was the game. The game has several areas in its open world, and each has its own song. Another resemblance to Metroid, which I didn't mind in the least. I always ended up going back to the New Caves section just to listen to the song.

Of course, inspiration came to me and I couldn't resist doing a cover of the song. So this is the latest Tasty Chips. I have Brother Android to thank for actually making the chips tasty.

On a side note, Xibalba sent me a GameBoy with LSDJ (a chiptune programme), so I'll finally have something real to play with rather than chiptune plug-ins. It should be here around the 18th. Thanks, Xibalba!

For more music you can check out my YouTube channel.

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