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Manic Maverick avatar 5:23 PM on 06.17.2010  (server time)
Manic Maverick Makes Pictures for People on a Website About Video Games

Greetings, my little peaches! I promised a blog post [ages ago], so here it is.

Sometime back in March I sat down and thought: "The four-year anniversary has come and gone and I just got here. But I feel like I've been here for four years. Sort of." My mind wandered some more and I continued: "How can I show Destructoid how much it means to me? What can I give Destructoid that is from the heart?"

I decided to do the only thing a broke, hermit artist could do: Make artwork.

We have several artists here, so doing artwork for the Destructoid community isn't exactly new, nor am I as well-renowned around the site as Ashley "Blavis" Burch, Mikey Turvey, or Phallus Knife Fight (and even others). Nonetheless, I put enough work into the art to cost $100 each, and yet I do it for free.

You might spit on my artwork and call it poopy (because that is a word everyone uses). Or maybe you'll love it. Who knows. There are a lot of people who seem to enjoy what I've been doing for the community, so that's evidence enough that I should keep going.

I currently have a list of over 30 requests, some of them done, some of them to be done in the future. You can find the forum post here, which is where all of the requests take place. The requests can be anything and everything. Of course most of the requests have to do with video games, which I am totally okay with. I enjoy drawing some of my favourite characters in hilarious/awkward/sexual situations.

The requests are currently closed, but once I finish the current list off and then take a(nother) break I'll open them back up. Then anyone can go to the thread and submit a request.

As of the past couple weeks I've been at a slow drawl due to opening Photoshop, adding to a picture, and then closing it because I don't have enough motivation. Why is this? I have no idea. It might be because I haven't done any personal work for months and I could be suffering from epic withdrawal symptoms. But who knows? In any case, I'm trying to get back into this. I'm sure Psycho Soldier (and everyone else) is throwing darts at a burning picture of me on her wall as I type this. As a side note, these pictures aren't the only thing I do--I even have pictures I promised people elsewhere that I have yet to finish.

Right! So here are the pictures that I've done thus far. If you don't feel like reading about each picture then you can just head on over to the gallery at the bottom and flip through them. Boom.

For: jhitcher42

- Jhitcher42 wanted Naoto from Persona 4 with some of his features. I haven't played a second of Persona 4, so it's not as great as it could have been if I'd played it. I also went into this one feeling like I should combine two of my styles, anime-esque and without lines. While I like how it turned out, it's not the best piece. I'm thinking about redoing it.

The Man, the Legend
For: Gobun

- Gobun wanted...himself. I had no idea what to do, so I figured I'd draw him with his typical demeanor, saying his typical phrase. Because he is Gobun. Hi, Gobun.

Jesus Christ wearing a viking helmet and wielding a battle axe against giant scorpions on the slope of an erupting volcano!?
For: Mxyzptlk

- Mxy wanted...uh...that phrase there above! As soon as I sat down to draw it I knew exactly how it would look, and I didn't get that far from what was in my head. The axe could use some work, but all in all it's one of my favourites. And others' too apparently, since it was used as a blog post header and is now my title in the forum. Maximum brofist to Mxy.

Mr. Slacker
For: Ali D

- Ali D wanted himself as a slacker. I basically drew a self-portrait and then replaced myself with Ali D. I also added that wonderful catchphrase on the Slacker Board in the back, for great justice. Also boobs.

King of Retro Metal Mountain
For: Torzelan

- As soon as Torzelan explained what he wanted (him standing atop a mountain of retro games, consoles, etc, while playing a guitar), Thunderhorse by Dethkok immediately began playing in my head. I think I was listening to that song, or another of the same band's, as I did the picture. Or something. Anyway, I would have sat there for seven months if I drew out every single object on that mountain, so I had to make things a bit more simple. But I think I got the gist of it. May the bleeding gods of metal shine their unholy sweep-picking down upon you, Torzelan.

Megamayun Vawnut
For: Phantomile

- Phantomile wanted Megaman Volnutt of Megaman Legends with Kamina sunglasses, striking a pose. As an avid fan of the Megaman Legends series (and Kamina sunglasses), this was a really fun one to do. I had no idea what to do in the background, so I decided to put him on top of some ancient technology or something. He needs some Sir-Mix-Alot playing or something.

For: statesman1114

- Statesman1114 asked for the Philosoraptor and Jesus brofisting. This is a picture of the Philosoraptor and Jesus SUPER brofisting. I put the picture on the Super Nintendo. I...really have no idea what else to say about this. I think the picture speaks for itself.

The Eating of Capitol Hill
For: KD_Alpha

- KD_Alpha asked for a bunch of politicians getting eaten by zombie robots with Capitol Hill in the background. As the cynical bastard I am, I had a great time doing this. I'm also a huge fan of zombie robots, so that was a plus. Capitol Hill is complex as fuck, however, so I had to simplify it. I think it turned out nicely, however. If you want to talk politics, expect a lot of grumpy sounds and rude gestures from me.

Penguinamus, Destroyer of Worlds
For: Office Squid

- Office Squid asked for a penguin fighting a dragon with an elemental sword. I decided to go with darkness, because...well...darkness. He also wanted me to go for a more "brushy" look rather than cartoony. That doesn't make sense, but...your mother. Anyway, another one I had a great time doing. I think I was listening to death metal for this one too. Rhapsody or something. Also, muscular muscles.

For: ryan moss

- Ryan moss asked for him standing on a train with a catapult on it, pointing forward with a joint in his mouth. It actually took me a while to get around to finishing this because drawing a train isn't that easy. However, the more you draw trains the easier they become. I just fucking hate the wheel area. Dumb trains and their wheel areas. Who has wheel areas, anyway? Fucking spinny crap and...Uh...What was I saying...Yeah, this one has a comic vibe to it, with the words and speech bubble. I tend to put those in a lot of pieces. Also, apparently ryan moss has sanpaku eyes. I dunno, man.

The Dual
For: Jesus H Christ

- Jesus H Christ wanted him playing Connect Four with a horribly mortified-looking Solid Snake of the Metal Gear Solid series. It was easy making the foreground, but I had no idea whatsoever about what I was going to do with the background. So I made a floor and figured I'd throw some words with letters in. Congratulation! My only problems with this picture are that 1) Snake would probably CQC me to death if he saw how small he looks, and 2) JHC's face looks like a dying Jabba the Hut sat on it. Yet another piece I'd like to go back and edit. But otherwise, I like how it turned out.

So that's it for now. I've got about 25 more pieces to finish, and that will be the end of the current batch. Again, here is the main request thread if you want to see everything in action. As of this blog post it's going quite slow at the moment, but I'm doing my best.

Sorry about the requests being closed at the moment, but they'll be back up sometime in the future. Until then, sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch me sweat!

Once I've got another hefty few done I'll put up another blog post. Love you guys.

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