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Manic Maverick avatar 4:01 PM on 09.10.2010  (server time)
It's Friday: Put on your grumpy pants.

It's Friday, and I punched twelve old ladies today. Right in the face place. I did this video four times in all. The first three takes either crapped out before I could save them, were too long/large to edit, and/or the sound fucked up. So I figured I'd just do a shortvlog today. One filled with rage-faec and rape-faec. Definitely not the bright and laid-back feeling of the other installments, but hey...what can you do. I need to figure out an easier way to do these things. My computer seriously hates Fridays, it seems. It must work for Activision or something. Dick.

Anyway, what are you guys doing this weekend? It's Friday.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Recettear on Steam
Some game about a guy that pees in a toilet. Forever.
Gunsmith Cats (I saw some of this a long time ago, but wanted to finish it)
September NARPs
The Electric Hydra Forums (Check out that banner. Some guy that looks like me totally made it)
brb, punching babies

Music: "Fairway (Supercar Cover)" by Katon

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