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Manic Maverick avatar 3:10 PM on 08.20.2010  (server time)
It's Friday: Exploding babies.

It's Friday, and today I figured you wouldn't mind staring at my pale-as-hell face for a little while. I loved the idea of Topher's READY TO FRIDAY posts because Friday, but those left with him. So I figured I'd do something similar, even if no one watches them. These, however, will be me babbling on about random shit that usually includes video games but doesn't always include video games. I was gonna call this READY TO FRIDAY originally, but that would probably be ripping off Topher. Though let me know if you'd rather I called it that. Or you could just let me know if this is shitty and you never want to see my crappy-webcam'd face again. I could understand your logic.

Tell me what you're doing today/this weekend in the comments! It's Friday.

Space Barnacle
Hero Core
Worldwide NARP
My failure at social skills
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Servbot Bobble Budd
Cute Overload!
HJ Freaks
Horror podcast, anyone?

Music: "Famicom" by Je m'appelle

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