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Manic Maverick avatar 6:31 PM on 11.05.2010  (server time)
It's Friday: Star Fawkes does a barrel roll

It's Friday, and it's Guy Fawkes Day. I'm not English, but I still find the holiday interesting, despite my take on it. However, if you plan on blowing things up with fireworks today, please don't do it at 3am like the people in my city. Sleeping is nice, you see.

It's been a boring week in the video games area, but oh well. Next week I plan to play a lot more shit. Because you can play feces. This video would have been way better, and posted way earlier, if I didn't have a thousand things on my mind. Like riots. Don't ask.

Also, I'm completely confused as to how there are 12 people following this group, but not one has posted a video save for me. I feel like I'm being stalked. Stalking isn't cool, guys. Unless you have enough lube to handle me.

Anyway...What's everyone up to this weekend!? It's Friday.


5th of november
"The Song&
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