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10:52 AM on 08.24.2011

Wie Gehts!!!!!!

Hello I have come back from gamescom, and me being me, I sat next to Pew and asked do you mind If I do a blog post about the event. He said in his beautiful voice sure....I don’t see why not. This was good and bad, good because Pew is amazing, bad because I have to actually try and write. I swore I would never write again after my studies had finished, damn how silly was I.

What was I doing in Germany:
Except form being a complete pervert which I can vouch for, I was with the Destructoid EU Team covering the gamescom event, I did this last year as well. You may not of herd of me because I am the camera man and video editor. About 6 months before gamescom I was asked if I would like to go back and cover the event for this year, on behalf of Destructoid, I felt privileged so I agreed.

I also did the trailer / intro video for the team going to the event

Highlights of the Event

This is me next to Gabe Newell, shortly after shooting the interview with Daniel Carneiro. I just got hold of the camera and looked at him with puppy dog eyes and said, “Sorry for being a complete fan boy, but can I have a photo” he smiled and said “Don’t worry I was exactly the same when I met Miyamoto for the first time”

Also on my week long adventure I went along with a few other from destructoid to a Party held by where they have a massive night club and free drinks XD. Getting later in the evening most of my fellow destructoiders left and it was just me and Sean (Justice) left.

We stayed at the night club until 4:40am and got back to our rooms for about 5:00am. Completely forgetting that I would have to be up at 8:00am to get showered and eat just so I could be in a healthy state for interviewing more people at the gamescom event.

Oily Kylie!!
On the plane to Germany, me, Sean (Justice) and Ian (Shakey) played what I called Oily Kylie. Actually the game was called Street Fighter the Movie, but I kept playing with Kylie and she was very oily.........maybe I should reword that sentence.

The best part about Gamecom was meeting everybody again and meeting new people. Im quite young for Destructoid only 3 years ish old but I have already been welcomed into a family and already feel like I am showing the newbies the ropes. Three years ago I turned up to Eurogamer with my handy cam camera and filmed some footage, if you had told me that in three years time I would be filming for Destructoid, meeting amazing people and interviewing not only the creators of my favourite games but the man behind Half Life and Left 4 Dead, I would of told you that I am a programmer and don’t give two F**ks about video.

Not only has Destructoid given me a wealth of friends and family but also has helped me decided what to do with my life, and for that I will always be grateful.

Royston Malcomber (Rumpo, Malcor)   read

8:41 PM on 02.19.2010

10 games I would like to have remade

10. Dead ball Zone
I would love for this game to be remade with higher quality textures and great new features. This was one of my first games for the PS1, and boy did I love it. I hated conventional football games, they didn’t interest me in the slightest, but playing DBA using chainsaws and funky new technology goals and balls was great. I would love for this game to be remade, would make my day.

9. Commander Keen
Strictly the first one because it was an epic DOS game, the lovable kid with his pogo stick fighting on mars, what could be better. “Apogee” really kept me playing this for a very long time, if I wasn’t playing Jill of the Jungle I was defiantly on this game. Even though steam released the original and I am all up for originals I defiantly believe you could improve with graphics and technology, providing it’s still side scrolling.

8. GTA: London
This crazy and extremely stereotypical game was amazing, which is why it makes number 8, the corny lines like “Now you’re brown bread” just made it worthwhile. If there was some way to use the new GTAIV engine and remake GTA: London, then I would be happy. But not unless it keeps the crazy stereotypical game it always was, and not keep having to load the original game first.

7. Tekken Tag Tournament
One of the best Tekken games to date, choosing two of your favourite characters and playing against another two. It was fantastic using super combo moves and then hitting R1/L1 and your current character would fly off the screen and your second character would be there to bust out another combo. This game with the new character and the shiny new graphics would be extremely popular.

6. Paper Boy
This is defiantly due at least a comeback if not then just a remake of the original. This epic game I own on the Sega Mega Drive, made me spend lots of hours away from light. Just trying to get the end of the street without some twat on a skateboard running you down and you replying with “let me see ya hang ten” was an extreme achievement. I think to remaking this game could include a great set of new features, except it would have to be called “Paper Person” for some anti-sexism reason.

5. Mortal Kombat (The first one)
Unfortunately I never got to play this at the arcade, something to do with the fact I was 4, but who cares, I did have it for my Sega Mega Drive. I loved every minute of it; I was always Scorpion and spent hours trying to get the Finish Him/Her move at the end. Even though I know that there is no way of justifying making a 2d game with 7 characters, but none the less I would love to hear that amazing music and the muffled “Fight”.

This is a bit of a silly one, something to do with the fact I’m running out of games and top 9 games doesn’t sound right, so here we go. I would like to see PONG in HD full 1080, maybe make the ball nice and shiny, and great sound effects, I will salute anyone who makes this now.

3. Pokémon Yellow
Although the franchise is still strong, to this day Pokémon yellow has been my favourite, and I would like to see it with some DS power. Just the original Pokémon, I think 151 of them. Great fun game that also got me detention in school for playing in a religious education lesson. So super charging it would make me happy as well, even making a PC version with “realistic graphics” would make my day. Plus naming your character “Penis” brings a whole new level to the game, but I’m sure you have all done it.

2. Apocalypse
A Game featuring Bruce Willis and it’s not Die Hard has got to be an amazing game, and that’s exactly what it was. Absolutely fantastic game that needs to be remade, hours and hours of Bruce Willis yelling all the time! Highly addictive, great weapons and great evils to uncover and fight, if you haven’t played this game, get an emulator and play it. If you have and you are a games designer please remake it.

1. Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver
My ultimate favourite game, at the time fantastic graphics, effects, and a even better story line. It’s not just that game it’s the entire series really that should be remade as one huge game. This game had epic dialogue and brilliant voice acting. It would be a dream come true to have the graphics redone to HD level and experience the magnificence of it. Also while they remake it they could include the section of his brother Dumah, which was cut due to time and money.

Obviously this list isn’t going to be to everyone’s cup of tea, this is purely what I would have. I would actually like to know what other people would like have remade.
I apologise for the terrible writing and spelling, I am an amateur, I also apologise if someone has recently done something similar, I have just realised I should check to see if someone has, but I have written this out already, and it’s a lot more than I can be bothered to do. Oh and by the way, if the information is incorrect, please let me know.

Malcor   read

5:40 PM on 02.17.2010


Hello I am Roy this is an introduction blog, so if you don’t want to know who I am then exit now. I plan to actually write some blogs, but because of my lack of “Basic English” the writing will be terrible, oh and the spelling/grammar will be corrected by Word.

If you want to know about me then you can look at my profile I have written a load of s**t in there about me, I just thought I would say hello and some of the stuff I have been doing in the 6 months of joining Destructoid.

The first time I really got introduced into destructoid was because of my friend Hammertiem, who forced me to go down to London with him to meet dtoiders in the UK at the London Eurogamer Expo. This was one of the best experiences of my life meeting a bunch of randoms from the internet but also one of the most embarrassing, when Pheonix, Anus Mcphanus and I where sat in the hostel waiting for people to turn up, and talking about Mikey arriving. I asked who, she replied with the person who does the dtoid comic, me trying not to seem such a tit I just nodded. After that moment of intense heart palpitations and feeling really bad for not knowing this icon, I thought It would be a good idea to do some research into the people that accepted me very quickly.

At eurogamer I brought my video camera with me, nice little 1080p HDD camera and recorded a lot of footage of walking, then for the next few events continued and seemed to of got the responsibility of camera man. Even though the past two times I have just given the camera to Hammer, Anus and Shakey, which I do feel bad about because I should be doing it. So next event I have decided I will do all the recording and keep the walking down to a minimum. With all that in mind and gathering footage, I control the DtoidUK youtube channel, and create short compilations of footage, oh and a random one of me.

I have come up with a few ideas for “DtoidUK” that have been passed on to Pheonix, and I have made great friends with the meet ups, If you do want to find me I am nearly always in IRC and nearly Always in Skype, because of my amount of time on Skype I am the official SKYPE MASTER, no not really, but I do Skype an awful lot. I thought I would post a few videos from the dtoidUK channel, hopefully you would’ve seen them by now, but if not here there are. I do plan to do a lot more in the film, editing and authoring process for dtoiduk, but there just ideas at the moment.


I love Americans................wait what? I love talking to all those crazy Americans from IRC on Skype, Bigby in particular; well Bigby on Skype is actually him ranting about an iconic comic being ruined by Michael Bay. I also love hearing the history of destructoid, very interesting hearing the “Old timers” talk about moments that have been and gone.

I’m sorry I am just rabbling on, bye



and.. me in the snow

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