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9:05 AM on 08.13.2008

Future Chrono Trigger Commentary =]

After so long of trying to find and play A WORKING Chrono Trigger (usually get no sound so i dont go past title) i finally downloaded the hombrew channel for my and quickly got the Snes emulator and Happily a chrono trigger Rom.

This is not to say i wont buy Chrono trigger Ds ...Im not really into the Rom idea so im sure buying the remake will be all good karma.
im sure this is going to be a kick ass game. And i heard someone else was doing commentary so i really wanted to do it too aswell as ive been wanting to play this a long time and i have preety much just been on the reading side of the community blogs as my previous idea for serial writing only really got one comment lol.
I actually have avoided every spoiler for this so please dont spoil anything as ive been wanting a game to get into for ages.
This wont be the actual first part as ive literally walked down the stairs in the house and already the colours and music are amazing for a Snes game....I litterally HAVE to go play now.So ill post probably later On about The start of my adventure =D   read

6:06 AM on 05.31.2008

If you love it, change it: Super Smash Bros

Ive decided to do this post on one of my most loved franchises, Which having to see the flaws in it is a preety hard thing to do for me, but i know that there are rooms for improvement so ill try to see them and what could be implemented in further inclusions.

Sooooo.... First off
Release it HERE!!
It still isnt out in the Uk and i know a lot who have imported...Like me =D

I swear this was the most STUPID idea every...WHY PUNISH US SAKURAI WHY!!!

Now thats over and done with onto the real stuff:
Story Mode!

When Brawl came around we were promised a expansive story mode that will feature all the cast fighting off a evil force from taking over there world.
The gameplay amazing especially the beat em up feel from it, but from the story was to say a bit bleh...

Im not saying some of it wasnt amazing.There was amazing bits such as the Rayquaza and Ridley cutscenes and most of all the aerial attack Ganondorfs ship was that was epic ,
but the story was really mediocre. I know that it would of been really hard to do a story for this but im sure they could of thought of something else.
Also for the levels in subspace they were more themed levels than actually taken from the games, a cloud level was for Pit... a jungle for Dk and Diddy...
What happened to PROPER levels for these characters such as the Mario one on melees adventure mode.I know there were a few like the Halberd but not enough imo.
Im sure the masses would of loved to of been able to jump through 1-1 and 1-2 as other characters. HECK that was even in the game as a multiplayer level , Who knows why they didnt implement it as a small bit in the story.
Hal were right i spose with the trophys fighting in tournaments but they should of had there own dimensions/worlds to explore and defend.from the subspace threat instead of bunging them all together in one world to defend.(Yoshi and Link in the same forest = fail)
Im sure fans would love recreations of classic levels from the franchises to go through.
Some levels would of been amazing recreated in full smash graphics:

First level from Donkey Kong country

Beaver beating Ftw!

Super mario world : Groovey and others

Hyrule castle:

Running along the tops of this would be epic too.

Preety much any recreations of old stages would of been amazing to play through on subspace but sadly this didnt happen first time round.Im sure in future inclusions the levels will be true to the characters and not just generically themed.
The story scould of had the characters maybe get sent from there own worlds due to the subspace threat and have to fight there way back only to see it in ruin and have to team up with other characters to fight back.

I havent got much to say on this one barring what i have for subspace but basically some of the levels were amazing ideas such as the pictochat and mario bros. I just think that a tetris opportunity was sadly missed but nonetheless the levels were good.
Maybe in future inclusions have a few more levels based on other games like tetris and maybe a advance wars level with the right and left side sending troops out into the tiny city you fight inside in the middle.

Level editor

One of my favourite features in brawl is the stage editor problem is it can be preety crap in certain aspects. Most of all i hate the whole "Spawn point" situation, you cant manually place the spawns for the players , instead you will be spawned above the level you have made which you often have to build around if you want a box of death etc.
Secondly stage peices cant be rotated... why not?
With this you cant rotate spikes to put on walls,wake conveyerbelt walls or even use elevators as pushing objects which makes me a sad panda.
When i first head of the stage creator i had my ideas which most i have been able to kind of make.Some like Ganondorfs target stage with the spikes was unable to be made as spikes are unable to be put facing diferent directions.
Thirdly which is the most annoying is the whole fact that certain blocks use space they dont fill,Slopes will always use blocks above them which is really anoying if u want to make cramped spaces,Most of all the asthetic object such as tree stumps use a insane amount of space usually stopping them being used well and be used the same all the time.
I think for th stage editor it could of been a bit more fleshed out and i cant beleive that things cant be rotated.It makes no sense

I Wont bitch about characters too much as i was preety happy with the rooster.Im sure on next inclusions Hal will actually ask for megaman and maybe have a few more chars of corse like a Advance wars one.Not much to fault on it barring one part of it:
Final Smashes
When i first head of this i was preety shocked and happy that characters will get super moves but then again when it came to it we got this :

THREE LANDMASTERS .... we seriously did not need this.
It could of been a Arwing for Falco that would fly,barrelroll and shoot lasers and perhaps Wolfen for Wolf that could shoot missiles and drop bombs.That would of been a load better than just same old tanks with different fuel and power We should of had diversity for these attacks not just the same for most of them.Toon link could of has a different attack perhaps summoning a massive windstorm with the Windwaker instead of doing the same as link.
Most of the final smash were amazing and fun but some are just crap, Dk's and jigglys comes to mind for the crapness. I love the originallity of G&W and R.O.B's finals but some others are just terrible.
Also some dont make sense i really would of preffered Mario going massive,invincible and able to stomp people into the floor as his, as i cant recall him ever doing a fire blast that big. Luigi's made sense atleast =].
Some of the characters finals are way too powerfull.i hate Sonics with a passion. it used to always get about 1.8 kills against me meaning two if if unlucky but there are serious balancing isues tha should be sorted.If this balance was restored in the sequal it will stop some characters just messing about for 10 seconds whilst the other camps (jiggly vs anyone)

Last and most of all

I have to say i was looking forward to online but tbh i hate it.The only thing i like is the new pics and recordings everyday aswell as the mediocre maps but what i mainly wanted is crap... FIGHTING!!
The online is broken on smash.I have never been able to conect to a random fight yet but that may be as im in England but yet i can spectate easily which sucks ass.
The online system is at fault for having this anomnity I would prefer to have proper voice chat on brawl with my added friends but still i would of hated to have kids yelling at me like they do on other games on random matches which annoys the hell out of me as it makes me undecisive.
I beleive a voice headset should of been release not this crapp taunt message system we have.The headset should also only work with friends to help with Nintendos kid friendly system.The only way you would add people anyway would be to speak to them so why not let us in game
Secondly . There should not just be 4 plAyer matches, You should be able to set up and join games like on games like TF2 so youc an set items , levels and such and not let it be so much of a clusterfuck so that when u get in a match it wont be stuff u cant controll like NO ITEMS FINAL DESTINATION or worse ALL ITEMS DK FAILS .
There should be a ranked system, I dont care about people being lower.It should inspire people to play harder and better and people would compete for KO rank or K/D rations.
This would make the online a lot more tolerable and more competative. Than this Random crap we get now
Shame on you Nintendo...I was excited for online.

I think with all these ideas smash would become a bit more fleshed out and people will
actually play it a lot longer and competatively than it is
One more is a mere wish for more assists as they were epic...i just would of loved skullkid crashing the moon into the stage =D   read

4:46 PM on 05.19.2008

White-Pew pew pew,black pew pew pew-VICTORY

After a good while i have finally killed the seething maelstrom of death that is Uzura the third
boss on ikaruga, after finally remembering the shiggy chase off by heart i then raped the git
proceeding on too the boss with a whole continue to help.Also with unlocking level 4 i went
on to take down Misago =] and now i have realised i have to fine tune doing that level and
level 3 in order to get the final one....Groan
Wouldnt of been possible without the following guys:
professor Pew
Power Glove
.... And ofc Topher for retroforce advice!!   read

8:17 PM on 05.06.2008

My Human Save File - Ep I:My First console.

After being in the background on destructoid for a good while ive been thinking of a blog that would be good in the dtoid community.I had ideas for stuff but bleh my smash techniques and Monday Map shows were planned but failed.
Then after a good while i gave up and just kept reading the site.
Recently ive started playing OLD games... i dont mean space war and such.
Ive just started playing games i used to play when i was still getting a lot of enjoyment out of it with the nostalgia and whole fact im a lot better than i was when i was 6 or so(obviously).
Unlike games nowadays that can been done in 8-10 hours *cough haloez and bioshocks* games used to..take ages to complete....hell games hardly EVER got completed when i was little and if so it was a amazing acomplishment (will be featured in ep.2)
So with this ive come up with writing a blog about how i have changed as a gamer in the past 16 years or so

The Human Save file

(Btw the baby is NOT me)

Everyone starts off somewhere in there life when it comes to gaming.Some of the older people will of started off in arcades but most of us these days started with us getting our first console.May it be a Snes,Megadrive a ps1 or even a more modern console like a gamecube or xbox .Everyone starts somewhere and for me it was the Gameboy...

(Note not this big)

My old gameboy is old.Ever since i can remember ive had it.I must of recieved it around the age of 3 or 4 and since then ive been playing games.I got my gameboy with a few games actually:
Pinball Revenge of the Gator <- i love this game <3
Mickey Mouse Castle of illusion - Way too hard for a small child

At the time i probably didnt know what the hell i had been given.I switched it on and before i knew it I was playing a game where weird blocks would fall from the top i found i could move and spin they stuck atop each other it got higher and higher until they touched the top resulting in a "BBAAAAAAHHH" noise. "Im well good at this" i thought in my youthfull mind and so i kept going and going until my mum said i wasnt very good. This confused the crap out of me and she gave me advice that i had to make lines and so with my first tip i was off.
Although i knew what i had to do i still got bah noises again and again...

Some other choice memories are of me messing about on the options and controls
Eg."OMG THERES A MAP on golf if u press B" and asking my mum why wont 2 player work on my games.
as for my other games i know:
I was alright at the golf.Especially when i would"SUPERSHOT" the ball over water.Getting bogeys...which was funny.
I remember being shite at Tennis... i still am.
The mickey mouse game was AMAZING the Anti-christ in dificulty...barring the passwords were four letter words and it wasnt long for my mind to figure ones out... My fave levels are ZOOM(with pipes)GIFT with lots of keys and LOVE which was near the end.

But my first EPIC game has to be revenge of the gator

Made by Hal laboratories which in the future would bring us smash was this GEM!
This game started it all of for me as i was good at it. =]
I had played pinball before and due so i knew what to do.
The game was amazing ,every bit..high scores...secret areas...a intro...crocodiles.
I used to watch the start screen all the way through before i started so i could watch the 3 small crocs dance to the funky music before marching on again.
The game was amazing for its time.The music was epic and catchy and i would hum it all day.The Bonus stages were creative like hatching crocs and the boards were all diferent as the higest one had you feeding a croc fish in the last chamber.....which gave LIVES.
Took me maybe a few years to finally feed a croc enough so it became too fat and gave me a 1-up with its demise . All the time in my youth i was aiming to get higher and higher scores..
One big problem was that after being switched off scores would go... so i wrote them down... i still have the drawing book with the numbers 2,042.350 wrote in big digits on the back page....which for my age was preety good being 4x the highest game score. Even the physics were amazing on this retro game =] the game continued to shine in my eyes but it wasnt long before the next console and biggie to come along which would feed my rolling desire ......SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Next time....chemicals?......Final battles?....dolphins?

Episode II:Skills,Trials and celebrations.   read

6:29 AM on 08.07.2007

Wii update- New shop stuff..

Woke up this morn and checked up on the wii shop to be told to update and so i did...Then after some big ass loading time (I had a shower and my breakfast) it stil aint loaded.Eventually it did so i then proceeded to visit the shop.
The 1st main screen now has a slightly diferenct layout with four of the most recent games and 4 little news things at the bottom similar to the warp zone feature that was added.
When inside the shop the only new thing on the vc and wii software i now a "titles downloaded" next to the account activity. i checked out of curiousity and found updates for Nes Zelda and also Bomberman93 which th later downloaded with mario not even passing two thirds of the screen =O.
Inside the actual shop the games are now split basically into "popular titles" search by name, genre or developer, Which is a preety cool....*cough* the buttons on the channel are a lot bigger and also i like how the intro screen now shows 4 visable pictures of games unlike that "Lets show you 6 parallel pictures that you may only recognise colour from".
No notice of neogeo barring theres still a space for it as theres only 5 consoles. Ah well time will tell

And omg at the loading time tho =/ seeing as it wasnt really worth it
Oh yeah and the parental controls have been updated.They seemed the same but i beleive that 16+ may of been added...never really looked in there before.

Edit: Finished article and find ign's just put a post up like this, they also noticed the channel screen is diferent with a clock.I checked to find yes i completely didnt notice the new clock....which i see now is a hour back *changes*
Also system restart is faster which is always a good thing.
Majorawr!!   read

5:52 PM on 08.06.2007

Wii shop is under maitenance-New Console's? or just plain old fixing....

I just got in from work and as usual switched on my wii to see if there was any new vid's on here or youtube (i like seeing stuff with my Tv not pc as its bigger and faster) and i accidently selected the shop channel not the browser which promptly told me that it was under maintenance.As ive heard in a number of places there has been talk of new consoles being added, I just want clarification if im getting my hopes up or is it just a routine check as i have yet to see this before...

Majora   read

9:22 AM on 08.02.2007

1st post - The Game list

Well preety much for my first blog i might as well write down all (that i can recall) of the game's ive got and also my status with them, Just as a mental note and if anyone wants a game at any of the online one's.


Mario 64 DS - 250 stars
Mario Kart DS - All class's done,all tasks 1 star
Megaman Zx - Normal complete with omega biometal
New Mario Bros - 100% All coins etc
Metroid Hunters - 96% scans
Transformers:Decepticons - Complete, missing wifi vehicles
Animal Crossing - 2nd biggest house Towns preety much abandoned
Nintendo internet explorer - Msn hand-held FTW
Pok'emon Diamond - Complete,basically full dex
Worms - Complete


Guitar hero - Complete on Hard
Guitar hero 2 - Complete on Medium half done on Hard
Guitar hero 80's - Complete on Hard
Mar of the Monsters - 100% complete
Kingdom hearts 1+2 - Complete
Mgs 3 - Complete
Ico - Complete
Shadow of the collosus - Complete
Canis - Complete
Spiderman 2 - Complete Got all tokens = got naff all
Wipeout Fusion - Complete
Ratchet and clank - 1 & 4 Complete
Jak and Daxter - Complete
Star Wars Battlefront - 1 and 2 Complete
Tony Hawk 1,2,3,4, - COmplete on SICK
thug,thug2,thug - Complete on SICK =]
FFVII - Complete
Mgs - Complete
Mgs Special missions - Complete
Timesplitters 2+3 - Complete
Megaman X8 - Complete
Haven call of the king - Complete, Shit ending as it is impossible to get.
Sonic heroes - Complete

Twilight princess - Complete need 4 hearts
Mario Strikers - 1/3 complete
Wii sports
Wii play
Wario ware - Complete
Tony Hawk Downhill Jam - Complete


Smash Bros melee - 100% Complete
Resi 4 - Complete normal
Metroid Prime - Complete
Metroid Prime Echoes - Complete
Sonic adventure 1 & 2 - Complete
Shadow the hedgehog - Complete

Kirby,Nightmare - 100% Complete
Megaman Zero 1,2,3,4 - Complete
Super mario world - Complete 5 star
Ruby - Complete and dex 100%
Emerald - Complete and dex 100%
Metroid Zero mission - Complete
Metroid Fusion - Complete

N64 - All complete
Zelda OOT
Lylat wars
Mario 64
Smash bros
Blast corps

Sonic -100% Complete
Sonic 2 -Stil cant bloody do last boss
Sonic 3 -100% complete
Ecco the dolphin -Complete
Streets of rage - 1 and 2 complete
Rocket knight adventures - Up to some bizzare train


Zelda ALTTP -Complete
Super Mario world -100% Complete

Megaman 2 - Complete
Mario Bros - Complete
Metroid - Complete
Zelda - Last dungeon -lost my save file =P

There is more....Just those are most of the important one's   read

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