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Hey, im Kyle im 19 and i play games
Im also refered to as Skullkid as a screen name and a childhood nickname =] ...Hence the Majora name here

I've been preety been a gamer all my life.
Since around the age of 3 I got a Gameboy and Tetris Set me Off along with the genesis that came along soon after.
I study Games Design at Leeds Met universty . I like to do art and music to games =]

I have quite a lot of favourites, which im sure everyone does here.
I love games that can"kick you in the nuts"with great storylines that can impact the player effectively so games like the Mgs trillogy and shadow of the colossus and chrono trigger are awesome to me.

I love kicking ass at smash bros and loads of other multiplayer games like Halo,pkmn and Tf2.

Im usually a more supporting and defensive player
Im usually busy setting traps and giving people lifts to stuff and the one who makes sure the flag gets back with covering fire etc.... thats not to say i cant fight, im preety creative ;) and will teabagg you if your a douche =]
Feel free to Pm for my F.c's for smash and pkmn

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Lost odyssey
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4:24 PM on 06.15.2010

Hidden on the Nintendo e3 site

There was quite a few titles i could of used to this months musing but i thought id pick a slightly more obscure title which with the right advertising probably could of sold a good bit more.

Made 5 yeas ago this was a game that i found a small demo of in a playstation magazine.
Me and my best mate played this demo for hours. we could pit a 10 storey King Kong clone againt a big eyeball electricity dude in a city to the death.Destroying anything in each others way with recless abandon.
Soon the game came out and it was a day one buy. It was preety much like Power ranger zord fights but with much more kicking the crap out of each other whilst also taking out skyscapers and treading on people. It was awesome

The game is set in the 1950s and with this the art style reflects this giving the player the old style buildings,structures and billboards to throw your enemy through from that decade.It gave massive stages to kick the crap out of each other and eventually level.

The game pays homages to classic science fiction monster movies its its own versions of old icons. it has Congar(King Kong) , Ultra V (A ultraman style mech) and of corse Togerra(A godzilla clone) there were many other monsters each with their own strangths,specials and weaknesses.Coupled with costumes each there was a lot to pick before you throw someone through a museum.

It played very like a 3d 4 player version of Rampage where you fought each other in a free roam environment and what happend to be destroyed in the process was just collateral. The camera would be usually splitscreen but with some weird voodoo technology when you fought close up the screens would merge the two so you could fight close with one camera similar to godzilla destroy all monsters melee albeit a faster more fun version.
In the Levels Almost anything could be used as a weapon,taxis,rocks,poles,boats almost any rubble or grabbable(i love the tiki mask shield and flamingo statue pole) If you picked up a girder you can home run your opponant with ease, how about using a petrol tanker as a crude explosive projectile?. One of the great weapons was radio towers and poles, if u climbed atop a tower a radio tower could be picked up and then throw miles into your foe impaling them briefly,for your to jump over to them and then beat them down as they are stunned and kick them into a carpark.
With all this power you need good things to knock down and eventually flatten.And the levels delivered.

The levels gave a lot of variety into the fights Each had there own style and some had environmental effects such as erupting volcanoes that kicked ass. A simple map Gamblers Gulch is a Las Vegas style city , where you can run dow the strech to ram monsters into casinos and pagodas and pick up a fake pirate ship and throw miles into your friends lizards face, Tsunopolis is a Tokyo style level where if a projectile may be "accidently"thown at a Ufo nearby the island it will angily shoot a laser independance day style into the sea causing the tsunami in the stages name sweeping away all the players not on a building. Another stage was a power plant level which had a main pit where a nearby button could be pounded to fill the middle with lava,In the middle of this was a platform that charged your special attacks as you stood on it to be spammed relentlessly, with Ultra V you could rape your opponant with his special on this stage, you would press the lava button jump onto the middle platform and repetedly grab pull your opponant into the lava with his special grapple hook attack and a kill could happen in about 6 seconds.

My favourite level which is probably Baytown, this huge hilled level was preety much Sanfransico it was a massive stage which you could smash foes through any of the many building, lauch of cliffs, fight in the sea, and best off all cause a MASSIVE earthquake. Probably the hardest thing to achieve on the game , if you "happend" to destroy solely 70% of the level before your opponant could a massive quake would happen causuing massive bottomless pits to appear and buildings to turto rubble and pretty much most of the other builldings sink into the ground causing the game to become a lot more dangerous as you have to jump across pits and dodge attacks.
I loved this game and it had alot to it, there was loads of wasys to kill your foe and it could provide easy laughs if a building happend to somehow fall and instant kill you.
I have played this game almost as much as i played smash brothers melee back then. seeingit was very competative it went well with my friends.and most of all i have to say firing a mini nuke missile from your back into a massive monkey into a tower is awesome =]
I wish more people would of been able to try this full game, i know many tried the demo but the amount of win in the full game was amazing.Brought back memories of Rampage for me just with a lot more rivalry and destruction.And monsters =]

p.s Robo 47 is ace

9:11 PM on 11.30.2008

My monthly musing will be on one of my favourite games as a kid.I had a lot of the hype for this when i was younger and i can easily say it lived up to the hype, i waited and waited for this game and it let me become for a short amount of time. A God :

Ive had to wright this 2 times over due to damn Uni internet logging me out >.<
which has pissed me off a lot as ive prob missed stuff out now like more of my tale of the turkish fake pokemon gold =[


Pokemon was a massive game at my primary school all the kids played it, all the kids talked about it and 90% of the kids loved it. But i was one of the first.
I first caught pokemon a early morning on Sky when i somehow got up a tad early.It was the episode after ash caught caterpie with all them damn beedrill . My young mind was amazed at what i saw that morning the next few weeks i managed to watch a few more episodes and drew pictures of what i saw and the names i "attempted to remember". i tried to explain the epicness i had seen to my classmates and nobody knew what i was on about. i tried to expain with crude drawings of pikachu."charmader" and "bone"(cubone) but nobody knew what i was on about.It took a while but soon a kid down the street said have u heard about pokemon to me one day i was round. i was like yeah i love the show. He showed me a issue of Nintendo magazine and i was in awe as pikachu was in it.
I played a lot of games so i was preety starstruck when i found pokemon was based on a game. My friend had sent off for a poster of all the pokemon and when it did finally get delivered we were amazed at all these creatures 1-150 on this small blue poster "wow look this nidoran evolved 5 times" "wow psyduck becomes something cool" and funnily enougth we thought mewtwo looked really gay and i thought my friend was lying when he said it was the strongest.This poster was filled with the first 150 amazing monsters that we soon could fight each other with.

We spent a good time looking at these pokemon picking our favourites.At first i was preety attached to Cubone and its evolution but one day one episode changed this.

Sandshrew was badd ass. it spun in a ball like sonic,
it kicked that damn pikachus ass,
it even could go in water. ITS OWN WEAKNESS,
i was amazed.
Still pokemon wasnt out in england and i still couldnt go on my journey.One day i ound a special edition guide nintendo magazine with charizard on the cover. I ran home got the 2.99 i needed and bought it as fast as i could. It was a bible. it had all the pokemon, types, attacks, cities. it was amazing. i laughed when i found nidoran didnt evolve 5 times and it was just a female version.
With this book i held off from reading it all for spoilers.i read upto cerulean and that was all. i didnt want this journey to be spoiled.nearer to christmas my friend down the road managed to get a copy of pokemon blue and after a lot of begging he let me try my own save file without deleting his.
Even thoughafter watching the show the fighting didnt let me down too much, and as this was my first Rpg(barring some crappy hydlide on megadrive)i loved it and soon after a hour or so i emerged from mount moon with a lvl 33 venusaur and a caterpie. But my asshole friend made me leave as i was too good and i never got to catch the Sandshrew moments away.

I finally got my sandshrew... as a plastic toy in Game ,out with my awesome grandparents i got it in a pokeball with some the time.. sandslash. I still have the later on the desk, battle damaged from fights among the playgrounds other pokemon. and seeing as most people got pikachu and raichu figures. i pulled the card "U CANT DO THAT SANDSHREW IS GROUND PIKACHU CANT HIT ME LOOK ITS IN THE BOOK SEE HAHA NOW EARTHQUAKE" i won a lot of battles. My friend James at school had a gengar fugure somehow. and he was my rival . my sandshrews "dig" won half the time against his dream eater. we had a lot of fun with the figures. Heck most of us didnt even have the real game and we loved it.

Sandslash with my ancient mew =]

Christmas soon came and in 2 small square boxes i found pokemon blue and red from my grandparents. i almost died and safe to say i was very unsocial that day.weeks passed and soon i had amassed a team that I have been training variations for the last 8 years+ on each generation
I soon found that sandslash was very cool, after seeing him in the first movie my feelings for him and shrew swapped and now i liked sandlash a lot more and sandshrew was kinda fat.
What most drew me in was the choice to pick who u wanted to fight with and with what attacks, due to this a lot of kids had diferent favourites and link battles were always diferent as kids all had their own choices when it came to pokemon. i still remember shouting at people cut and strength were crap attacks.

My rooster in gen 1 was


I became very good at the game and soon had people giving me ther future mewtwos in exchange for me doing the league for them (i ended up with 6) i managed to clone a mew with the link cable glitch and then soon went on to try and do my Dex
In the break between the 1st and 2nd Gen i came into contact with a glitch known well as MissingNo
With its power i soon became a little power hungry and ended up having everything i could have.including a full dex (allmost legit just a couple rare candies...)

The 2nd gen changed this and with it came a time of peace where i went back to basics and learnt how to be good again without that damn glitch
My friend somehow got pokemon Gold like a year before we should of and he let me borrow it was he knew i could do it for him, so with my "Toge" (togepi) with its "brick" (swift) attack i fought through this land of engrish.

Soon after i managed to get my own pokemon Gold and silver and set of on another journey which found me back in Kanto going back to my roots which was preety damn good.
With this 2nd generation new mechanics were added. i fund that Lum berries and Leftovers are awesome in link battles and most of all found out about breeding

As i traded my (unglitched) team across from Blue i found my sandslash was a girl, proptly i stuck her in the daycare to get myself a new sandshrew to train up, only problem was, the only thing i could breed it with was some high level donphan i found.

I like almost died when i found the baby with the ROLLOUT attack
I was amazed at what i had found and none of my friends had a clue as they didnt use the breeding centre. with this i could give pokemon attacks they shouldnt have .I also had a scyther with Silver wind which was amazing, i could also reuse Tm's through breeding. with this new knowledge i soon became a breeder for a short while , trading rare pokemon for eggs with great attacks and soon enough i managed toget myself a legit pokedex full. (barring a sharked celebi someone gave me)
i soon found myself shiny pokemon and also kind of found out about Ev's albeit not fully, i just found +12 atk stat gains a little abnormal at one point.

2nd Gen Team


With the 3rd generation a lot of things were added , the usuals such as new dual types , new items and new pokemon. Big diferences were added such as abbilities, i found my current 3rd gen sandslash to have "sand viel" which made it a bitch to hit in a sandstorm, so with this i gave him a few attacks to use and a lot of people hated him

Focus punch

I soon came to understand Ev gains slightly after finding me and my friends great training spot at the ember spa raised your attack insane amounts.My friends mewtwo went up 24 atk one level. i googled this and came to find telling the full in depth guide. i learnt it and soon added that to my skills with giving my pokemon higher stats.
I soon started Ev training and built my team up again seeing as i couldnt get my oldies back from gold and silver =[
Also with this gen i started to learn having 4 attacks isnt always good and that stat moves actually arnt crap.
i went around proving this point with a sandstorm/double team/swords dance team so i got other people to realise maybe these attacks are in the game for a good reason.

3rd Gen team

Kingdra - sub Starmie (higher def and speed)
Alakazam-Shiny -sub sableye
Metagross -sub mawile (for baton pass)

My team has always kept a similar structure, i could choose to use best, but pokemon alows your to pick what you want to win with (or lose with...i know cacturnes crap)

Emerald came as a good challange for me as i had something to put my team against wth the battle frontier... but still its a bitch (Damn guillotine pinsir and ohko's)

i managed to get a few of the brains defeated but more of my friends stopped playing and we had distance to stop us fighting one another.but this was soon solved with the 4th Gen.

The 4th gen was very good as it added a very crucial thing: Online play with this i can put my teams against who and what i want .
It also added the usual, a lot more items,pokemon and attacks to the mix alowing more diversity to peoples roosters.
With each Gen of pokemon more things are added and built on, what seem like a simple game to some can be very ndepth if you want it, you can make your own team, use your favourites, or just use what other people use to win if u must.Its the variety that makes me like this game so much. i just cant wait for the next one to come along. (please give us a mmorpg one day)

Curret gen (4th) Team

Sandslash -Marowak (for catching)
Carnivine - sub cacturne (sandstorm)
Kingdra -sub starmie (quicker)
Alakazam - sub sableye (badass)
Metagross -sub mawile (baton pass)
Salamence -sub drifblim (both can fly)

"you know whats important Win with your favourites" - e4 Karen

"I like shorts there easy and confortable to wear" - better random quote

11:11 PM on 10.18.2008

This is just a blog for you to sign if u were there for the epic times of the singsterling FEST for fighting cancer !! =]
I was there since the beginning
We had funtimes,Lots of good music, DTOID fun and drink and more DRINK!
Wardrox to for being the host!
u all rock !!
Espesially the camera people :P



2:50 PM on 10.17.2008

Hey ,
Im just wondering if there would be anypoint going to Videogames live on my own next friday. Seeing as my friends are at universities too far away I have to go on my own.
Apart from there being a epic concert Is there free stuff and ill it be good enough to go on my own?
Thanks anyone who comments =]

8:48 PM on 10.07.2008

Well just a short'ish simple post

I defeated that sod again on megaman 9 finally.
First time round that jello bastard managed to use all my lives figuring its attack pattern leaving me weak to the boss roulette before wily, Unfortunatly concrete man owned me with me not having my laser trident,

Second time round...Using the concrete gun to get me past the water spikes i managed to also snag a 2nd Mystery Tank....With this the robot masters got wiped (I got The acheivement for raping Plug man in 7 seconds preety much)
Wily was suprisingly easy....Managed to do it with just using the second M tank =]
I beleive it was Gibbo who gets thanks for opening my eyes to using concrete gun outside of the box, it helped make platforms in that spiked water section =D

3.56.59 not bad timing imo, most of it was just that damn spiked swinging platform bit at the end of jewlemans stage where the exits under the damn platform, managed to do it without a spike foot power up eventually =]