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First Name: MAJID
Nick Name: MAGIC
BLOOD LINEAGE: Emirati / German
Lineage Perks: +2 vs Sun Burn
+3 to language
+10 to Understanding of difference
+8 to good looks (seriously)

Console i am currently playing: PS3

Consoles i have owned and own: all but the Virtualboy (my cousin had it)

Shit i miss: NEOGEO, RPG's ALL NIGHT LONG, my Lego collection, playing GIJOE's with my best buddy.

INTERESTS: Being a jack of all trades i find i have wittled it down to the few below.

Drums (8 years now)
Art (prefering comic styles and animation but anything goes)
Digital Art (just getting started)
Family (love em)

What i hope to get from being here on Destructoid?

I hope to have laughs and share my love for something i have adored since my first atari. The thrill of escapism. The meshing and blending of many different media to produce another world.

IF your on EVE, scope me out as "alqasimi"
If your on the PSN "Majid_AQ" addme!
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7:08 AM on 05.23.2008

Ok so i was over at Eurogamer and found this little vid. Dont know if anyones seen it. I have never seen the Xbox gameplay and the whole story with EX is "BIGGER" "FASTER" "BETTER" and for the PS3 (as PSN release only!).

The whole thing about this game that intrigues me so, is that i remember watching the original trailers as release game for the PS3. I thought to myself back then "nice idea but that better get faster..."

And well it got done for this one.... its weird the longer i watched the more curious i was about the tracks... and how bloody fast you cut through em.

Here is hoping these were the simply and easy tracks coz they look to be too quick.

Let me know what you think, and go ahead and draw all the comparison to Wipeout HD. I dont think this is a competition, but nice to see someone retry the idea.

11:09 AM on 05.10.2008

OK now i thought that starting a game in HOME sounded cool and made so much sense that it was bound to be a success....

but this demo i just found on eurogamer:

...... is actually just CRAZY!!!!

and here i thought you would all launch your game at the same time...

nope you all start the actual multiplayer session!!! As early as 2 steps after the launch countdown....

I mean seriously do we need ANY more reasons?

Hey guys , had my guys night and we had a good round trying out GTA 4 for the first time...

but then we decide to boot up Warhawk, and it freezes when trying to log on. 2 Reboots later and nothings changing. Tried the MGO beta and could not get online.

OI!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK.....

so i deletes my GTA 4 Game data (the 3+ gig install and the update) .... and now alls peachy...

SO, is this update faulty? or its interfering with my other games coz the patch is overiding some essential PS protocol?

Anyone else experience this?

3:04 PM on 05.02.2008

Dont know if this applies to the US as this is from the UK playstation forums....

Looks like there will be 2 updates with the following:

06 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PS3)
Game Demos:

* Condemned 2
* Haze

Full Games:

* Blast Factor Advanced
* High Velocity Bowling
* Street Skater

Expansion Packs:

* Blast Factor Advanced Research
* High Velocity Bowling Character - Mike


* Buzz! Quiz TV
* Secret Agent Clank
* Siren Blood Curse

06 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PC)
Full Games:

* Street Skater


* Siren Blood Curse

08 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PS3)
Game Demos:

* Bourne Conspiracy
* Race Driver: GRID

Expansion Packs:

* Army of Two
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Def Leppard Track Pack
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Muse Track Pack


* Echochrome Apple
* Play Compilation
* Press Conference

to be honest the HAZE demo and the PRESS CONFERENCE (key note speech by the bog boss of sony) have me curious, the press conference is from the GAMES DAY in London.

What REALLY gets me though is that there are some things here that have been rotting in the works (or on the american PSN) ... such as high velocity bowling and blast factor advanced (its been telling me i can get the update for ... too long). And for honourable mention we also get echochrome !!!! a trailer.....

I really think this may hold a gem or too, but if HAZE dont cut some mustard... then this double update could be a double disappointment.

So i am browsing the Eurogamer website and stumble upon an interesting article on Fatal Inertia EX.

Initially all i saw of this was the indication to it being a release title for the PS3. Didnt happen.

Reading the article i learned of the Xbox360 demo .... FAIL .... too bad.

I remember seeing a video a couple months ago (or probably pre 360 demo release) and thinking ... damn that game looks slow and lame.

Luckily this article has RE-sparked my interest. ESPECIALLY the pricing. No price was given but they said they would RIVAL any game out there, as its being released on the PSN and actually has 59 track in 7 GIANT enviroments.....

seriously ? more that GT prologue?

Well its pretty thanks to the unreal engine....

lets hear your thoughts!

ALSO : the demo out next month will have a full online mode available.

As MGO has got MANY of the peeps on here busy i thought i would take the opportunity to quickly post up a little discussion post.

Just wondered with all the Friday Night Fights and the Wed Night Warcawks what the actual opinions and thoughts were on the new pack as well as the other aspects of the game.

So to start this off : THE APC

Moving Fortress? Big kill Bonus? Clan only perks?

I read a review of Broken mirror on Eurogamer, almost slating the Omega Dawn expansion and saying the Broken Mirror was the very opposite, only the APC may just be TOO good... but i have to say i disagree. I have not had a chance to play around with the APC as much and it seems sometimes that no one really knows to lookout for the APC when respawning. But like any new toy it takes a while to figure out its trick ... you got any? I know that there are enough peeps on here that play WARHAWK regularly. Got any input?