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7:08 AM on 05.23.2008


Ok so i was over at Eurogamer and found this little vid. Dont know if anyones seen it. I have never seen the Xbox gameplay and the whole story with EX is "BIGGER" "FASTER" "BETTER" and for the PS3 (as PSN release only!).

The whole thing about this game that intrigues me so, is that i remember watching the original trailers as release game for the PS3. I thought to myself back then "nice idea but that better get faster..."

And well it got done for this one.... its weird the longer i watched the more curious i was about the tracks... and how bloody fast you cut through em.

Here is hoping these were the simply and easy tracks coz they look to be too quick.

Let me know what you think, and go ahead and draw all the comparison to Wipeout HD. I dont think this is a competition, but nice to see someone retry the idea.   read

11:09 AM on 05.10.2008


OK now i thought that starting a game in HOME sounded cool and made so much sense that it was bound to be a success....

but this demo i just found on eurogamer:

...... is actually just CRAZY!!!!

and here i thought you would all launch your game at the same time...

nope you all start the actual multiplayer session!!! As early as 2 steps after the launch countdown....

I mean seriously do we need ANY more reasons?   read

4:10 PM on 05.09.2008


Hey guys , had my guys night and we had a good round trying out GTA 4 for the first time...

but then we decide to boot up Warhawk, and it freezes when trying to log on. 2 Reboots later and nothings changing. Tried the MGO beta and could not get online.

OI!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK.....

so i deletes my GTA 4 Game data (the 3+ gig install and the update) .... and now alls peachy...

SO, is this update faulty? or its interfering with my other games coz the patch is overiding some essential PS protocol?

Anyone else experience this?   read

3:04 PM on 05.02.2008

PSN double update EU!

Dont know if this applies to the US as this is from the UK playstation forums....

Looks like there will be 2 updates with the following:

06 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PS3)
Game Demos:

* Condemned 2
* Haze

Full Games:

* Blast Factor Advanced
* High Velocity Bowling
* Street Skater

Expansion Packs:

* Blast Factor Advanced Research
* High Velocity Bowling Character - Mike


* Buzz! Quiz TV
* Secret Agent Clank
* Siren Blood Curse

06 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PC)
Full Games:

* Street Skater


* Siren Blood Curse

08 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PS3)
Game Demos:

* Bourne Conspiracy
* Race Driver: GRID

Expansion Packs:

* Army of Two
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Def Leppard Track Pack
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Muse Track Pack


* Echochrome Apple
* Play Compilation
* Press Conference

to be honest the HAZE demo and the PRESS CONFERENCE (key note speech by the bog boss of sony) have me curious, the press conference is from the GAMES DAY in London.

What REALLY gets me though is that there are some things here that have been rotting in the works (or on the american PSN) ... such as high velocity bowling and blast factor advanced (its been telling me i can get the update for ... too long). And for honourable mention we also get echochrome !!!! a trailer.....

I really think this may hold a gem or too, but if HAZE dont cut some mustard... then this double update could be a double disappointment.   read

1:48 PM on 04.29.2008


So i am browsing the Eurogamer website and stumble upon an interesting article on Fatal Inertia EX.

Initially all i saw of this was the indication to it being a release title for the PS3. Didnt happen.

Reading the article i learned of the Xbox360 demo .... FAIL .... too bad.

I remember seeing a video a couple months ago (or probably pre 360 demo release) and thinking ... damn that game looks slow and lame.

Luckily this article has RE-sparked my interest. ESPECIALLY the pricing. No price was given but they said they would RIVAL any game out there, as its being released on the PSN and actually has 59 track in 7 GIANT enviroments.....

seriously ? more that GT prologue?

Well its pretty thanks to the unreal engine....

lets hear your thoughts!

ALSO : the demo out next month will have a full online mode available.   read

9:05 AM on 04.26.2008

WARHAWK discussions:THE APC

As MGO has got MANY of the peeps on here busy i thought i would take the opportunity to quickly post up a little discussion post.

Just wondered with all the Friday Night Fights and the Wed Night Warcawks what the actual opinions and thoughts were on the new pack as well as the other aspects of the game.

So to start this off : THE APC

Moving Fortress? Big kill Bonus? Clan only perks?

I read a review of Broken mirror on Eurogamer, almost slating the Omega Dawn expansion and saying the Broken Mirror was the very opposite, only the APC may just be TOO good... but i have to say i disagree. I have not had a chance to play around with the APC as much and it seems sometimes that no one really knows to lookout for the APC when respawning. But like any new toy it takes a while to figure out its trick ... you got any? I know that there are enough peeps on here that play WARHAWK regularly. Got any input?   read

12:38 PM on 04.25.2008


Seriously ... this cant get any worse for me.....

if you cant read it, it says.....


9:52 AM on 04.11.2008


OK so just for those in the EU that have not really got ALL the details on this amazing chance....


Testing from 21st April to 6th June , and simply to be downloaded through the PS store from April the 17th.
amongst other sources....

so hope to see you EU peeps all soon. To you US peeps; ahhhh taste sweet revenge!!!!!

HURRAAY!!   read

1:09 PM on 03.23.2008


I was doing a little weekend cleaning when, while hoovering and mulling over the idea of getting some time with my ps3 that evening, a conversation crept into my head that i usually have with my GF and possibly future wife. In my thinking, i tried to play devils advocate with myself, and did some brainstorming.

By no means do i think my kids will never play grand theft auto, i believe in parenting being the first and foremost factor in the development of a child's conscience. No game in my opinion, will push my child to do things deemed wrong by society, so long as i am given the chance to teach and explain the difference and importance of separating games from Real Life. the question she asks:

Why do all games have to be about shooting and killing? (what she asked)
Why don't they make more games like mario? (she follows with as she is oldskool mario like that)

Paraphrased, i interpreted the questions as follows:

[b]WHY are the current themes of games mostly war based, or conflict based?
Much the current topic, why is there so much mature (gore/sex/violence) in games today?
I decided to write this up tonight coz i would rather do this than study, but more so because i would love to hear what the mature contributers (not age related) of the community see as the major influences on what is becoming a major media to the future.

This would have been nice to write up properly with a lot of research but i am gonna wing it and write it on the fly so......

Do you feel like there are way too many war based games out there? Is it a good/bad thing. What is with all the blood and guts and why is there so much?

DE- sensitizing

IS it because of exposure to higher and higher levels of Blood/Sex/Violence (BSV) that game developers are seeking to push the envelope only to sell more games? Is too little blood too little fun? I see much of the other media doing much the same. Movies are now being pushed out in the form of "gore porn" (SAW, HOSTEL etc) as well as many other movies going the extra length to deliver a little more edge to the scenes... Much like the addiction to certain narcotics the staple becomes boring and suddenly people need to find the next high. This unfortunately is the nature of the BEAST, this being us.... In some crazy way the extreme nature of Japans culture, the super hyper compression exudes some of the most crazy shit, as is evident in much Hentai...

In result of our desensitizing we are pushing games to go further beyond our imagination, but unfortunately in the narrow corridor of BSV because it also seems to be the mainstay theme of many games.


Seen at this angle i realize the peeps that played nintendo back in the day still play today, and the ones that are just starting out have a need to see the realism in it. (or some badly adapted interpretation) But basically the old school gamers have seen it all and well how do you get there attention. Well, introduce BSV and they already know it aint for kids... its a game for the older.... and so the more there is, the more a "mature" audience its asking for..... But i realise this is assuming a very small growth so i now see that this is not the case.


Post World WARS, GULF WARS, NAM, and any other great loss of life involving mass mobilisation of military force. This is unfortunately the very fabric of our economy. And why should it not be reflected in games. The Risk vs Reward model. The POWER trip. The survivalist strategy. All this is seen today in everything from Economics and Buisness, to the power play of nations. Who do you know jumps from platform to platform that shakes the earth on a national scale (in RL i mean)? And so what is running like static in the background of people lives, whether they want to get involved or not, WAR is the basis of life in some twisted way. And so we reinact it and roleplay and pretend, in our games that we are soldiers, commanders, and even decideing factors of wars.


Maybe its just a phase? We saw the phases of platforming games, the fighting game clones of STREET FIGHTER, and the many other shooter types that emerged from the original arcade versions. All bloomed and wilted in the small vein that was electronic gaming. And now in this NEXT-GEN era we have the tech to deliver a near simulation of being in the thick of it! Case in point FPS games. and what are FPS primarily known to relate to ? Guns and sights...... well maybe it will blow over. .......maybe not.......

CATHARSIS (therapy)

Simulation is by some considered a good way of subduing urges... and the basic instincts to man are to procreate and to procreate you need to compete with others to win the best mate. Nature in its most basic form. So we are highly developed creatures and think beyond nature's primitive commands... but hey , we all need to fight the urge... so why not take it out in a virtual form? you hook up to a simulation, hunt kill, earn respect/some form of acknowledgment and suddenly being alpha male is possible. hmmmm far fetched.. ok maybe but hell it aint 1=1 ... this is obviously the digression of a idea.....


I personally just tossed the ideas around in my head and really made some SUPER generalisations.... but if you do have specifics or opinions that stem from these ideas, or simply ideas that blow these out the water, please share...

I would be the first to tell my girlfriend i am having my kids play mortal combat. But not leave them to it and hear that next week my kid managed to reenact scorpions finisher with a lighter. I think that gaming has its place in our society and even if GTA4 has bitches and bazookas, if they want to play it, my only concern is that they discern the difference between the game and real life.... But i am curious of all the above why we have this string of rehashed war/conflict scenarios and see fewer intelligent puzzle/platform/all together new style games out there? Is it my view is skewed because only these big releases are what attract so far?

why dont you tell me?   read

12:17 PM on 02.24.2008


For all the hype and craziness over the new Street Fighter i thought i would share one of my little treasures...

While in the UK around 3 years ago i came across a comic store called "TRAVELING MAN" which really send the game/comic nerd flailing in giddy hormonal joy when upon the store opening i visited everyday (the thing was practically at my door). It was here i decided to donate all my money in exchange for beautiful artwork in the form of comics and sketchbooks.

One of my favorite purchases (even now) is the 15th anniversary Art book for the STREETFIGHTER franchise. And along with that some of UDON's awesome comic alt covers n such. forward to last month and i am in Budapest Hungary and there is a small Gamer store that is stocked full of old ass Arcade controllers and figurines the rest of East Europe didn't buy. And amongst them the 15th Anniversary controllers for the PS2 and sadly only 3 of the 4 in the collection.

So for your viewing pleasure and all those that have that geek in them.......Crappy pics i have put together for ya'll.

Thank my girlfriend for the layout.

oh and if anyone knows of someone with the KEN controller.... i may , just may look into a purchase....



8:30 AM on 02.15.2008


Right peeps this is finally up, lets get some input.

For anyone in the continent of Europe or close enough, and anyone who is online when we are , please come on in!

PS3 - we need someone to host i been a busy student this week so have suffered a lack of involvement. Come on, someone give us a chance!! A simple hosting of warhawk (10 GMT but i will be on all night to ensure the server issue is fixed before the games begin)

Xbox - I aint gonna buy one as you guys have enough on the list. Someone please coordinate.... i still have not heard anything from anyone, is no news good news? So if anyone feels like hosting announce it here.

Not sure what this is all about, want the list of supposed players, please head to the forums by clicking the below

Anyone has anything to add , comment, encouraging words or just wishes they could be a part of this struggle , you know what to do......   read

1:52 PM on 02.06.2008


...well at least for the PS3 crew:

So the night started as i was MOST afraid of............. "unable to connect"

these words seemed to burn into the eyes of all of us as we desperately tried hosting WARHAWK for each other..... to no avail. After many jumping in and out of the games (to access the messages being sent and recieved) we managed to agree one of us would jump on a game and the other was to follow , and we would discuss it in game. FAIL I TELL YOU!!! as both Gemsi and I could not talk to each other even though we were both locked and loaded in the same game.

i have spent many hours trying to figure this out and not having been satisfied with just asking you guys i figure the culprit is the mighty NAT type 3.

I have perused the mighty mess that is the web and have come across many people talking about connection issues but no one specifically mentioning the issue with connecting to hosted games. So i would love to have someone in the EU with NAT TYPE 2. and to somehow have a little test hosting.

And seeing as this needs to be resolved we will be staving off this weekends EU FNF for the PS3. I hope that ANYONE reading this, that has figured this problem out might give us a helping hand. I am currently trying to fix my NAT type to Type 2 with the Port forwarding and so we will see if i am ready to host for next weekend.


I wish i had asked someone about their night but have been busy with semester starting, so please fill us in on your night. Anything momentus? who turned up?

please do tell!

I will attempt to make next weeks plans a bit more stable.   read

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