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Madmurdock's blog

10:16 AM on 09.17.2013

Let's Play: Spelunky Part 3

Grant and Sammy continue to "play" Spelunky. Contains scenes of idiocy. OneManAndHisBird are a British couple currently living in southern England. The two of them suck at video games really badly and have to constantly sa...   read

6:26 PM on 09.14.2013

Let's Play: Spelunky Part 2

Grant and Sammy continue to "play" Spelunky. Warning: contains scenes of idiocy.   read

12:50 PM on 09.09.2013

Let's Play: Spelunky

Grant and Sammy "play" Spelunky. Grant sacrifices Sammy to Kali and Sammy whines a lot.   read

12:31 PM on 08.17.2013

Let's Play: Papers, Please

Apologies for crappy audio in this video. New mic is difficult to get used to. Not that anyone will watch this video anyway. :P Today, Trix travels back in time to a dystopian past where she proceeds to FAIL MISERABLY!!!   read

3:37 PM on 08.15.2013

Let's Play: Castle Crashers Part 1

Taking a break from our usual schedule of dying in Rogue Legacy, we took some time to die in Castle Crashers instead! In this episode, Murdock compares himself to an insane celebrity, they both get too competitive when it comes to collecting coins and Trix starts to realise she's made a mistake agreeing to do these videos.   read

8:48 AM on 08.15.2013

Let's Fail: Rogue Legacy Parts 3 & 4

Yet more failure, more deaths and more swearing!   read

12:10 PM on 08.12.2013

Let's Fail: Rogue Legacy Part 2

Part 2 of the epic tale of two squabbling idiots trying to play a game they suck at.   read

4:12 AM on 08.12.2013

Let's Fail: Rogue Legacy Part 1

My girlfriend and I have decided to start our own Let's Play series! But, unfortunately that has to be on hold as we start by failing at Rogue Legacy. Fun drinking game: take a shot every time Murdock says, 'Bollocks'. Note: We are not liable for any illness or injury that may occur.   read

12:51 PM on 08.11.2013

5 Things I would like to see in FIFA 14

So, with FIFA 13 heading towards the exit door and FIFA 14 slowly appearing on the horizon, its time to have a look back at the last year of awesome goals, annoying controls, iffy AI and controller smashing annoyance. FIFA 13...   read

7:18 PM on 08.10.2013

Papers, Please Review

There aren't many people whose version of a good time is mindlessly stamping pieces of paper for people who secretly hate you and who you're not particularly fond of either. Personally, it reminds me too much of a few failed ...   read

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