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Madcow's blog

5:04 AM on 02.27.2009

Arcade Stick v.2.0 Hooray

Hello everybody, i have redone my arcade stick this night and just wanted to show it to you guys and girls. Arcade Stick v.2.0 Von Vorne Arcade Stick v.2.0 Von oben best regards Madcow   read

7:50 AM on 02.24.2009

More New Play Control - Metroid Prime

Here we go again. My colleague did capture some more video of the Wiimake. I personally did not play Metroid Prime, but i guess i should give it a try, especially with those new controls.   read

1:48 AM on 02.20.2009

New Play Control Metroid Prime - Intro + Space Frigate Gameplay

Hello hello everyone, time for some video update. This time my colleague got his hands on an imported Version of "New Play Control - Metroid Prime" and did not fear to show off this great game. Have Fun watching! P.s. Why does the embed code not work for my blog posts? I did try the converter, but i just says somethin like "bad pk blahh"   read

7:34 AM on 02.07.2009

Custom Arcade Stick Galore, Also Umlaute

Hello Dtoider's, Street Fighter 4 is coming, unbelievable, or not? Due to this fact, a friend and i made us two custom Xbox 360 Arcade Sticks several months ago. Instead of showing off some still images, we got some movies f...   read

7:41 PM on 10.19.2008

New Xbox 360 Controller (No That's not Puke on it)

Hello Dtoid's, some days ago Microsoft released the limited lime edition of the xbox 360 controller. This one got an improved Dpad. It has now 8-ways to and not the 4-way as before. Hope you enjoy the video and i apologize for my bad english in advance, it is my first time commenting stuff in english on the fly. (Man thats hard, if english is not your mother language).   read

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